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Has any progress been made for people who want to have two servers in two separate locations? OK with buying two subscriptions.

I mean considering the amount of effort required to cultivate/curate a library, playlists, favorites, etc. it seems inconceivable to ask someone to maintain two completely independent systems. I have seen posts all the way back to 2016 where this was “on the roadmap” but I am hoping for a real solution sooner rather than later.

I would prefer not to have to tell my clients to keep logging in and disconnecting their other house like some sort of rube-goldberg rig that will undoubtedly cause confusion and frustration.


Hi @Jason_Brown,

Thank you for your interest into this feature. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything specific to announce at the present time, but we are always actively discussing how to improve the Roon user experience and I have brought up your feedback with the product team.

When there’s news to share regarding this feature, we’ll make an announcement, but for the time being I would suggest your clients use a Roon Backup to transfer the library contents over when switching locations.


Thanks for the fast reply. Most of my clients have 2 or more homes. And most are incapable of manually loading a database backup, nor do they have the desire to do so. I will have to manually complete a file transfer on their behalf every time they travel from one home to another. Not exactly a great incentive for me to sell a bunch of systems. Hopefully it’s a problem you can solve relatively quickly.

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Sounds like a nice ancillary piece of business for you. Charge them handsomely for every DB backup, say, $1000?

I can not imagine Roon seeing this as one of their top 20 revenue enhancing ideas, but you know that market better than I. Good luck.

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