Multiple internal storage drives with ROCK

Hope this is appropriate as I know ROCK is designed for a NUC only but I successfully installed it on a mini ITX PC without problems.
I’m aware NUCs are only supposed to support 1 additional internal drive but has anyone been able to use more than 1?
I have it installed on a 120 GB SSD and the system also has (2) 2TB Samsung SSD drives. From the ROON web interface I can only see 1 of the SSD drives and I get the same thing in the app. When I navigate to the network share (\ROCK\Data\Storage) each of the drives shows up individually (InternalStorage and InternalStorage-2) so I know the OS is recognizing the second disk. Is there any way to use the second internal SSD without connecting it via USB? Thanks

Screenshot 2022-02-11 115046

Take a look into
this thread

Not Rock is the problem, but the web interface.

Thanks for the link. I already connected each SSD individually and formatted them via the ROCK web interface. Each plays music stored on them separately but when both are connected then ROON only recognizes music on one of the drives not both.
My motherboard doesn’t support RAID or JBOD but my next step may be to combine both drives into 1 logical volume in linux.

Try + Add folder → + Add network share → Network share location: \localhost\Data, then add InternalStorate-2 and so on. It’s little cumbersome, but it will work.