Multiple Macs but Roon seems to see only one

Apologize, I am gonna strip out the support ticket template.
I run a home network with WiFi and multiple MacBook (pro) are running roon software (latest version) and we have a ROCK to handle the Core function (latest as well). So far so good.

The problem is our different Macs seems to be seen as one… example on my Mac I can see this in the Settings > Audio:

The machine named Lemon is not mine, it is another machine on the network. Same for Core Audio, i Play against this zone, it is gonna play on the other Mac. The LG monitor is not even connected to my Mac.

have you done some strange TimeMachine restore to multiple Macs? Or import user from one Mac to a few others?

I did not, these 2 machines are being backed up but completely different.

User name on each system is different.

@bitonio I am getting something similar. System has a MacMini as core (Was a SGC i7 until it failed recently - the difference in sound quality is more than noticeable). My system has iMac / MacBook Pro / MS Surface Studio / notebook and microRendu all on ethernet with phones, tablets for remotes as well as the computers and Chromecast audio. The iMac is not recognised by itself in Roon or any other machine on the network, but runs Roon fine with access to all other end points. Everything else works fine - i.e. all other machines can see themselves and all other machines, but cannot see the iMac. Am bamboozled. No restores from TimeMachine, no IDs copied. All updates to OS done on each machine and so on. On the iMac, there is an Ayre EX-8 attached by USB and by optical (for other apps like Zoom). The EX-8 is also on ethernet. Qobuz, TIDAL, Spotify and everything else sees the EX-8 in its modes and all other connected devices through whatever interface and plays fine through it / them. Roon cannot see it or other USB devices on the iMac other than across ethernet (for the EX-8. When in settings / audio, the display for “This Mac”, which should be the iMac, shows the connections for the core.
Have opened a support ticket, feels like your and my issue are similar / same in some way.

Did you by any chance restore any roon backups to each of the systems…as roon database is only meant to be used on one CORE machine.

Hello @bitonio,

In just a moment, I’m going to send you a PM with some details to try.

Nope, these machines are just remote, never had the core function on them.

Similar problem for me with 2 MacBook Pros using wi-fi, core running on a Nucleus connected via ethernet.
I start Roon on a MacBook Pro 16 and then edit the zone name to identify the MacBook Pro as 16, the edited name takes ok and Roon works and is playing ABBA in this instance.
I then start Roon on a MacBook Pro Mid 2010.
The zone shows up as MacBook Pro 16 and the music playing shows as ABBA which then skips each track in turn until the end of the album. The music has stopped playing from the actual MacBook Pro 16 once I opened Roon on the MacBook Pro Mid 2010.
Roon Settings/Audio on both MacBook Pros only show 1 MacBook Pro, not 2, and in this instance both have the MacBook Pro 16 name.

The dock on the MacBook Pro 16 shows Roon as running, the dock on the MacBook Pro Mid 2010 shows Roon and RAATServer running. Not sure why RAATServer is active on one, if I quit it it starts again.

I would expect to see 2 MacBook Pro Zones in Roon or at least a different named one on each machine.
Am I doing something wrong or are my expectations wrong?

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