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I have 3 Lifetime Memberships. I don’t remember why this happened. I have two Roon Cores at home and 1 on a boat. The question is I seem to have several different versions of Playlists, depending on what iPad I am using. Is there some way to determine what membership each device is operating from? Am I making this overly complex?

The only reason to need 3 memberships would be for 3 core systems playing at the same time. The home based cores could (should) probably be using one lic and multiple zones unless you want different libraries and profiles.

Hi @BillG

Are these iPads showing different playlists only when connected to different Cores, or if you connect each iPad to the same Core machine does it still show different?

I have one core for my main listening area (a Mac Mini). The 2nd core in my home is on a NUC in my office. Occasionally these are both on at the same time. The 3rd core is located aboard a boat, so I can use Roon to control the music while aboard.
It appears the playlists are linked to each core. If I chose the NUC core, I see some playlists. When linked to the MacMini core, I see other playlists. I have not found a way to share playlist between cores.
Thanks for the advice. I was mistaken when I said the playlists were linked to each iPad. I learned something. Actually, I am always learning new things with Roon. This is one reason I love Roon.

you should only need one lic here…and one core. unless you want different libraries as I noted above.

Hi @BillG,

This is correct. If the playlists were created in Roon, they are saved to the Core’s database.

There is no “easy” way to do this at the present time, but if you were to create a Backup and restore it when travelling between Cores (e.g. saving the backup on a USB drive and restoring it), you would be able to carry your playlists over.

Please do note, that if you have only certain playlists on one Core and you restore the backup from another Core, the Roon playlists will be overwritten with the restored backup’s playlists. This goes the same for any custom DSP you may have set up, if you were to restore the backup, the DSP settings would be overwritten.

Also, as @wizardofoz mentioned, your Roon subscription allows 1 active Core at a time, so you can still keep the 3 Cores, but only designate the one you wish to use at the present time as the “active” one while the others remain dormant.

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