Multiple Streaming / Family Accounts and Roon Profiles (Tidal, Qobuz, ...)

Did you vote at the top of the topic?

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Mine already do without any family accounts, Roon doesn’t stop this only a person’s decision that they have to have their music separate to everyone else does. Our cd collection is just that ours as is our ripped files, purchases and streaming accounts I refuse to be precious over music it’s for everyone to share.


This post is old, does Roon have an update to allow each family member in roon profile to connect to their own Tidal account.

Not yet. If the suggestion is implemented, the thread title will be changed to indicate.

I was also pretty surprised by this. I’ve just upgraded to a family account for Tidal to find out that the Roon profiles only support one Tidal account.

Lets go roon

Please make sure guys to vote for this feature on top of this topic.
Happy Easter!


I assume many families have one audio enthusiast and many listeners that dont’ share quite as much in-the-weeds curiosity.

It’s much simpler to have my wife think about her own account in tidal with her own profile in roon and not worry about ever being kicked off because one of us is using tidal in the car…as well as just the simple curation aspect of not wanting to clutter each other’s recommendations.

+1 please implement a solution for this.

Plus 1s don’t do anything. Did you go up top and vote?

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Yes, it was the first thing I did :slight_smile: thanks for reminding…

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Support for iPad keyboard finally arrived with much less votes : we can still continue to dream with the family accounts :grinning:

absolutely a must
come on guys

Hi @Marco_Santos ,
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To be sure: did you also vote on top of the topic?


Added my vote at the top as this is a must have feature. We are even prepared to pay for it! Roon doesn’t want our money???

Someone was really asleep at the switch when they designed profiles. In their defense, I don’t believe streaming thru Tidal/Qobuz was on the horizon in Roon’s early design stage.

That might be part of it, along with how they designed the library and streaming integration. But It also has to be allowed in the Api and deals they have with streaming companies which everyone seems to ignore.

Do you see any 3rd party software allowing family accounts that streams Tidal or Qobuz apart from the one big hardware exception?

If it was easy and readily avialible to do I am sure it would be doable in Audivana, or any app or device that can stream via Tidal or Qobuz. Even their own apps only allow it on different devices or logins. It keeps there own apps relevant still.

Plex have stated they don’t have access to this and or cannot include it. I am sure this is the case for 3rd parties in general unless your the market leader like Sonos.

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Hey @Asgeir_Karlsen

Thank you for getting in touch, and welcome to Community! We’re happy to have you but sorry to see that it was a complaint that prompted your first post.

Assuming to know the inner thoughts and motivations of another person, let alone an entire company, is always a risky position. Statistically speaking you have a greater probability of being wrong, as you were here. We do care about your feature requests and have implemented the voting button as a way to gauge interest in a suggested feature, without having to read every single post in every single feature request that comes in.

Please remember that Roon is a small team, and that not hearing from us recently, on a feature request doesn’t indicate a lack of interest, or action, on our part.

The way that you’ve gone about registering your frustration isn’t ideal. Roon staff are people just like you. Accordingly, I’ve moderated your post to remove language that doesn’t make for effective communication. Let’s extend each other some slack and understanding, rather than make assumptions - ok? Thank you

Jamie - I never assumed to know anything. I only explained how it’s perceived by customers/potential customers when an important functionality is lacking (subjective of course, but the general reader of this thread will likely feel it’s important), and there’s no response from Roon in 5 years. You may be a small team, but it’s hard for some of us to see this justifies utterly silence from Roon for such a long period.

I agree, registering frustration like I did is not ideal at all. We could focus on the fact that I presented frustration here - or we could have a look at where the frustration origins…

On the other hand, I should have moderated my language - my apologies.