Multiple Streaming / Family Accounts and Roon Profiles (Tidal, Qobuz, ...)

You realize that the kids are saying the same, do you? :rofl: :innocent:


Oh completely, I said that tongue in cheek!

Luckily they haven’t infiltrated the Roon forum yet so I can trash their music tastes for a bit longer with no comeback.

In all seriousness it’s great they listen to music, and even better that I have to keep retrieving my HD650’s from my daughter’s room 'cos “they sound better!”


I also would like this feature. I honestly am surprised that it has not already been implemented and would think that Qobuz and Tidal would have incentive to aid in the development of this feature. This would encourage the fair use and additional cash flow of family accounts.

My spouse and I would like to be streaming from Roon at the same time without concern of Qobuz accounts conflicting as Qobuz only allows a single stream from one account.

+1! This would really help integration with these services.

+1 please!

Whilst I think this is a good idea, think about how complex it would be for one core to manage this. It would require several databases one per user, authenticating multiple accounts. The requirements for core would grow exponentially. Given that so many already run on underpowered cores it would likely end up being less than stellar and cause way more support issues. It would require whole remodel of how the database works to. Roons database for one account currently is pretty damned large with multiples to handle it would be enormous. Remember what you add from streaming in Roon is not managed from Tidal or Qobuz the entire database is managed on your core it’s not like just switching accounts on the streaming app.

I honestly don’t know of any servers or hardware that supports multiple family accounts unless your using Spotify or Tidal connect which is a very different model to what Roon does as that account is tied to the streaming app not the player.

Plex server whilst it has separate users database and tracks their playing history etc it still only allows one streaming account.

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Plex easily allows multiple users to have their own accounts with their own libraries and statistics. You are right that it streams one per account. Yet, this is an arbitrary limit. All Plex would have to do is rework how TIDAL is linked to accounts. There is little to no computational increase in playing two local audio files vs streaming those same files via Qobuz or Tidal. If someone has a system so underpowered they likely weren’t streaming to 2+ zones at the same time anyway.

Yes, Roon developers would have to put in some work as the databases are not currently designed for this. However, to be viable in the future with all streaming services going lossless Roon is going to have to adapt. This is a simple way to support both themselves and the streaming services that are vital to their business model. Honestly, its really surprising that this is not a feature included with such an expensive service that touts its ability to recommend and curate music while combining streaming and local music. Roon is selling themselves as a home-wide solution to push music to all of your systems and speakers. The functionality of this system is greatly limited by only being fully available to one person at a time (a feature that they tout when purchasing their very expensive NUC).

Don’t get me wrong - I love Roon and wouldn’t give it up (I find it’s very much worth the money). BUT considering the price tag/model, advertising of how features are supposed to work, and the heating competition it seems plain silly to not pick up a feature so integral in making Roon a one stop music workhorse.

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I have a Tidal family plan and whilst I and the missus have different Roon profiles this functionality doesn’t really get used as whilst we have a large local library she tends to listen to stuff saved to her Tidal library, so she has to use the Tidal app to do this.

Seems silly to have multiple Roon profiles but all have to use the same streaming account.


Are we really waiting more than FOUR YEARS for this feature?

What’s up Roon? Not enough people interested in this?

I can’t see, why this is sooo hard. SONOS have it… everyone can add his/hers own accounts … we would love to use roon family-wide, but I am the only one :frowning: My wife and daughter are stuck to TIDAL or SONOS because of this. And NO: Sorry guys, we won’t run three servers and three subs for this. Roon is still made for “old men” :wink: listening alone in their “listening rooms” …


All of the new features and the new Tidal section and so many other features correspond to a subscription. ONE subscription.
concerning my wife: I don‘t want Marc Almond nor Depeche Mode - she doesn‘t care about Rachmaninow nor Snarky Puppy.
concerning my son: I don‘t need 2pac. He doesn‘t care about Rachmaninow nor Snarky Puppy.
Come on. Next Build? Or just let us know why not.

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My two cents -

+1 this is essential if I continue to subscribe

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Please make roon queues profile specific!

Would be great to have feature for supporting family plans for Tidal (and other streaming services) for Roon Profiles → linking for Roon Profile separate streaming services accounts.
Currently my family have Tidal family plan and current scheme is not fine to use because everyone have own library inside own accounts…

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Just want to put this much requested feature to attention again now we can vote on features. Hopefully a lot of people can vote for it who haven’t done that yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


I had kinda given up on this,… where do I vote?

At the top of the topic

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Please,. More people vote for it!

+1 a must have for our family!