Multiroon reproduction

Roon Core Machine

NUc Intel i3, with weiss DAC as end point. remote control with MAC OS.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Gbit ethernet swicht

Connected Audio Devices

End point Weiss dac usb

Number of Tracks in Library

2000 cd

Description of Issue

I would like to reproduce at the same tiem the same cd in two roons. But when selecting first roon and starting if I go to the second roon selection it open a new screen and if I open the cd Ican not hear syncronized the same cd in the two roons.
How to do it?

You only mention one end point. What is in the rooms you want to play together?

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sorry One end point is my Weiss dac the other one is apple Home Pod

To group with an airplay device like the homepod the other dace also needs to be able to use airplay. If it has no airplay capability then it can’t be done.

Ok , then to make it I must use airplay in both, no way to use ethernet cable in one and airpaly in the other.

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