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Anyone know what this is about:

Is the two pieces of hardware just referring to an i3 NUC and an i5 NUC? Which we already know about.

Or something else?

Looks like they are Roon branded i3 and i5, hopefully fanless but…

…I believe Danny was the one who said it that Roon will never be in the hardware business. They will provide a link to Amazon where to purchase the hardware…

…then he mentioned about a surprise and drop a “don’t buy your hardware yet” statement and a huge delay due to “business condition” has change statement. We can only guess.

By the way Happy Anniversary, ROCK. ROCK was introduced to the world a little over a year ago now.

One year? Wow. Should I start to get that feeling I got a year after I bought the Perpetual Technologies gear, waiting for room correction to come around? It would be disappointing if the delay from the release of 1.3 was caused by Roon re-branding their own NUC.

If they ARE re-branding, you can’t really blame them. All it takes is one glowing review, and they’re an equipment manufacturer. DACs would be next. Also, let’s not forget that, compared to putting a disc on a tray and pressing play, computer audio is a gigantic pain in the ass. There are probably a lot of older dudes out there who refuse to take it on. They understand connecting one more box and (probably) installing an app on a tablet. With Tidal, that’s all they would need. The idea of owning your music files is not exactly growing in popularity.

Then again, I would be surprised if Sooloos/Meridian let the Roon folks go with the ability to compete with their own hardware. Then again again, non-competes (in general) aren’t enforceable beyond 3 or 4 years…

Go get 'em, Roon! Just hurry up about it.

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I asked the question, here is the answear:

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So the cat is out of the bag!
I’m not hugely surprised by the news, especially after Danny’s post about the cost of Intel boards and cases!
I hope that Rock as a free of charge software entity will still exist for those that want a low maintenance solution for running Roon on their own NUC.
I imagine the Roon cases and PSUs will be top notch, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the price will be double that of buying your own NUC, especially if these are being sold through Hi-Fi distributors.
Personally I am not too fussed about the case, as I want my core tucked somewhere away from my HiFi rack and listening space. But I can imagine for a lot of people who want a direct usb connection from their core (or even a direct bridged ethernet connection to an end point?) this hardware solution will be fantastic. Let’s hope it really boosts the sale of the Roon subscription. Can’t wait for more news…

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Let’s continue here:

We had no restrictions when we left Meridian.