Music cutting in and out

My core is a brand-new Macbook Pro, and it’s wirelessly connected to a Nas. That Nas is also connected to a Sonos Connect Amp, all of which is run through wifi (with a Sonos Boost). When I play music from the core, it tends to cut in and out and, in some cases, won’t start at all or will abruptly stop.

I’m running 1.3, and for what it’s worth, the remote on my iPhone7 seems to make the playback experience even worse. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I would advise connecting the core and NAS via Ethernet as a test before doing anything else.


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In Roon, when you play music, the music is first transferred from the storage location to the server and then back out to the endpoint. That is why, I highly recommend having the music either be local to the server or both server and music on wired ethernet.

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What NAS do you have (make/model/CPU/RAM) ?
I’m wondering if you might be better installing Roon Server on your NAS and then use the MBP as a Roon Remote.