Music does not start

I have a recurring problem with Roon. Once in a while music will not start playing when I press ’Play now’. Everything else works well. Artists and albums are found (on Tidal), information is presented, but when I press play nothing happens. Itvwill not play on my iPad either. After restarting my Nucleus (latest version) it works well again.

My set-up is a Roon Nucleus with an ethernet connection to my home network and thus also the WiFi. My Linn KDS is connected to a switch which is connected to a WiFi-hub.

I can still play music by using the Linn Kazoo app to control the KDS so the WiFi is clearly working.

Thankfull for any help-


Hi @Hans_Wikse,

Does this issue only occur on the Linn zone, or does it affect multiple zones when it occurs?

If you don’t have any other zones, could you try outputting to the Nucleus HDMI zone (even if there is nothing connected) to see if the progress bar is moving?

You mentioned you’re using TIDAL, but is local content also affected?

I have two Zones; Linn and iPad. Switching to the iPad zone does not change anything, it is still stuck.

I can try a hdmi zone the next time it happens. I switched off, and then on the Nucleus and as usual it works fine after that.

The Roon set-up lost contact with my Naim Core storage after I moved things around on the network and can’t find it presently (another issue) so I do not have any local storage connacted at the moment. (Linn Kazoo has no problem finding the Naim Core).

Best regards


Thanks for the info @Hans_Wikse.

Yes, please do give this a try.

You might need to re-configure the storage if you moved it around. Not sure if you were using IP address connection or hostname, but if you’re using hostname I would suggest using IP address and setting the storage as a Reserved IP address in your router configuration. More info on storage setup here: Add Folders By Path

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