Music File Backup

Hello all,

I have a NUC running the ROCK OS on my network via ethernet. The NUC connects via USB to an external SSD drive as well to an external CD player. I have ripped about 500 CDs, approx 170GB, to the external drive which is dedicated to Music Files only. Files can be found under the PC Network ROCK/Data/Storage folder.

I would like to copy/backup all the files on the SSD to another SSD in the event the original/initial SSD fails. Can I simply connect the external drive to my PC and copy and paste all files from the original SSD to another SSD? Will all the metadata be preserved to the new SSD? What’s the best way to do this.

Thank you for your comments/help.

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I went into a fair bit of detail about this in the post below:

TL;DR – simple copy/paste will work fine the first time (metadata embedded in the files will be preserved, etc.). However, copy/paste is not very smart. Manually keeping up with files you add/change and remembering to copy them over is a pain. The solution I suggested is a much more intelligent way to just copy changes.

Let me know if you have questions.

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In addition to the post above and just to clarify one thing, there are two types of metadata that you could be referring to. Metadata embedded in the files (tags) will of course be backed up when you back up the files. However, everything else related to the music files that Roon pulls down from the cloud (photos, bios, reviews, bookmarks etc) is stored in your Roon database. This is backed up via the Roon application itself and should certainly be backed up in multiple places (ideally) external to the ROCK device.

Good day to you all,
Over the past weeks I am trying to minimize the number of albums with Unknown Artists . I do have the impression that some albums cannot become identified in the Roon database . For example:
Jacob Bogaart – The Art of Dutch Keyboard Music (8 cds) ;
Radio Kamer Filharmonie (3 cds);
Janine Jansen – Carte Blanche (10 cds);
Wie is bang voor Nederlandse muziek (2 cds);
Een muzikale anthologie der Noordelijke Nederlanden (3 cds);
Brahms Lieder – Jard van Nes (1 cd);
La Persistencia de los Suenos – Amahuanushpac Muscuimanda (1 cd);
Han de Vries – Romantische Hoboconcerten (1 cd).
What can I do to change that so that these cds will be accepted in the Roon database ?
At this moment the library I am working with contains 204253 tracks.
Rest me to say that I am using Roon on a daily basis and I am very happy with the results . Kind regards,
Bert Brummel - Hvn.

Thank you David for your response. To add a bit more background info - With Roon, I primarily listen to streamed Qobuz High Res Music (when I am not listening to vinyl - or can I mention vinyl on this website :slight_smile: ). I wanted to back up my existing CD collection for convenience and in the event that I begin to sell my 500 CD collection, as I rarely listed to any CDs anymore other than SACDs from time to time (which I only have a few). l haven’t purchased or listened to a CD in quite awhile. I think the best solution for me right now since I can simply duplicate the files in the CD-Rips folder, and I have already ripped all of my CDs, is back up that folder from the external SSD using my PC onto my OneDrive cloud which has plenty of reserve. In the event in the future I ever need to rip additional CDs, I will simply re-connect my NUC external SSD drive to my PC and resync to the OneDrive. In the event my NUC external SSD drive fails, I can pull the files from the OneDrive and copy over to another external SSD drive. Thanks for your help

Hi Tony, Currently I am using a USB flash drive plugged into the NUC to back up my Roon Database. I should probably develop a strategy to have another copy available in the event the USB flash drive fails. I don’t have a dropbox account, and I don’t think I can use my PC OneDrive account. So perhaps a redundant USB flash drive or perhaps using the Add network share option - but I have not investigated this option as of yet. Thanks Tony