Music Folder Disable

I use my ‘core’ machine to rip discs from time to time, and then port them to another machine for tagging and art work. I am on a Mac and using iTunes to do this. What I am seeing is Roon is watching the Music Folder and adding these albums to my library, which I do not wish to happen. I use a hard drive in the core machine to hold the files I want Roon to ‘know about.’

So… can I tell the software to ‘not’ pull from the Music Folder on this machine? I have looked around and see no method, of which I am aware, to disable it. This must have popped up prior, but is new to me as I learn the ropes.

Thank you.

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Hi @Rodney_J_Sorensen,

To expand a bit on winder’s post, you can disable storage locations by clicking the 3-dot drop-down menu and selecting Disable.


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Got it and a kind thank you to both of you. I knew there must be a way, as you can tell, I am still finding mine.

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