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I recently set up Core on my desktop PC and am not understanding what’s happening with my Music Folder. My music is in a second HD on my PC which means it’s not under c:/user/music. When I add that folder under Settings -> Storage, it goes out and finds 123 albums. The weird thing is I don’t have that many albums in that folder and I don’t recognize most of them. I search for albums I know are in that folder and Roon can’t find them. There ARE a couple of albums in Roon that are in that folder, however. I’m baffled.

I removed the folder and tried again. It’s the same weird list of artists I’m not familiar with. I wondered if it’s grabbing artists from mixed-artist albums but that still doesn’t make sense to me…

HI @MisterPotatoHead,

Are you by any chance using special characters in that folder? Having special characters sometimes cause issue with Roon being able to import the media, as mentioned in our Skipped Files Guide.

Where are you seeing this info? In the storage screen it should list the amount of tracks.

The folder is simply named Music. When I view the skipped files, there are only two wav files shown.

On the home screen (not sure what it’s called), under “Here’s what’s going on in your library today” it shows 124 albums, and 226 tracks (only a couple of tracks per album). On the storage screen, it shows 226 tracks imported.

When I change my Library to the music folder on my C: drive that contains no files, all the files on the home screen list disappear. When I switch back to the folder in the other drive, those 124 albums re-appear.

Looking at the Music folder in file explorer, it shows there are nearly 2,000 files.


Libraries gather folders that are stored in different locations so you can browse them in one place. You can add or remove folders and drives to be included in a library as you like.

The C:\Users<user name>\Music folder is included by default in the Music library, but there can be many more. Please check the properties of the Music library to see which folders are actually included in yours.

Hi @MisterPotatoHead,

Can you please share a few screenshots of this issue and the folder setup? It sounds like expected behavior, when you disable the music folder all the files which were previously detected would disappear. As for the 2,000 files, are they all actually media files or does your Music folder contain image files as well (which won’t show up in the track list)?

Doh! I was hoping I just wasn’t understanding things rather than there being something technically broken with my system. Turns out there were two things that were making my mind melt…

  1. Almost all of my music files are .WMA! So, when I copied a few folders over to my C:\Users\Music folder and they still weren’t showing up, I was seriously confused. I wasn’t aware that Roon doesn’t play WMA. I ripped a CD to FLAC and there it was. Bam.
  2. I unknowingly had a couple of downloaded SXSW albums stuffed with tons of artists I wasn’t familiar with which is why I seemingly had random music that I didn’t own.

So, user error (of course).

Thanks for all of the support.

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Hi @MisterPotatoHead,

Thanks for the update here and glad to hear that you were able to pinpoint the source of the issues!

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