Music getting interrupted often

Core Machine

Roon Server on a Mac Mini M1 chip with 16 GB RAM.

Network Details

and the network is wired directly to my NAS.

Audio Devices

Mac Mini HDMI to Marantz SR7010

Description of Issue

When I play hi res music, specially multi channel songs the play get interrupted. I checked the log files in the console monitor and I see that Roon server basically crashes or a component of it.

Apr 27 13:29:42 Mauros-Mac-mini[1] ([3460]): Service exited due to SIGKILL | sent by mds[368]

Hey @mauro_sciaccaluga,

I’m so sorry for the extreme delay in replying to your post :pleading_face:

If you still need our help, we’d love the opportunity to help. If this is still happening, would you please let us know if you’re streaming your hi res music or if it’s your local files?