Music Lovers: Post Some YouTube Clips 📹

Sure, the sound quality can be awful, but there are some incredible performances, clips, vinyl transfers, archives, etc out there that you can’t find anywhere else.

Post something you love :slight_smile:

I’ll start:

In these days of AutoTune, I find the rawness of this performance especially touching.


You have to see this then.
The Tedeschi Trucks Band, ‘Angel in Harlem’ the audio quality is great too.

Angel in Harlem


Corny but likeable

I am also very proud of this. The Great Anne McCue from Australia came to play for us at The Little Rabbit Barn.
I filmed a lot of the close up guitar on my Handheld Sony digital SLR camera as it was overheating in my hands.
It cut out a few times on the night but I persisted and we got this magic performance of ‘Driving Down Alverado’
The audio quality is great too… Enjoy…


Jesus wept.


I wept.


That song gets me every time… I just checked and I’ve listened to the original 18 times this year :wink:

Had to go back and see if I could find a live performance by Etta. This and this both have their moments…

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As grainy as sandpaper gets…


I’ve both their solo efforts and joint efforts. They’re individually very good, but great together.

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It’s not often a classic is done justice by a relative newcomer


So yeah. A couple of years ago I watched this and, yeah, I teared up a little bit.


Thanks for reminding me, awesome clip that.

Callas is God. Period. (That is, to me :wink:.) One note and I’m weeping, time and time again.


Leon Bridges was lovely, that’s the magic of close and personal music.
So in this vein here is something from my friend Sam Millar’s fledgling UK Americana bar.

Earl Okin. Jazz lovers, stay tuned…

My pick: Paul Wallfisch and “And The Wiremen” playing Lou Reed’s “Coney Island Baby”. Quality warning: audience recording.

Why I love this one? Because I was there that night, and it was a magical experience live there. Glad somebody recorded it and put it out there. Wonderful memory of that night.

I’m always returning to this Shakey Graves live session. This song in particular I love.

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Grace can’t bear to sing about giving lives in sacrifice and Joe Satriani needed a tighter leash, but there’s nothing about Steve Kimock’s trumpet I don’t like:

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Callas again. The voice is extraordinary but it’s when you see her that it all makes sense. Nobody comes near her

Wow, that’s about as tame/polite as a virtuoso shredder can be at a jam session. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen him live 3 times as a reference.

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A short selection from my favourites: