Music on an External SSD connected to a iMac

Here is my configuration.

iMac 2013, Core i7, 32GB of RAM, 3 TB Fusion. Mac OS Sierra Beta 2
Would like to point the Roon Server toward a SSD External Drive (USB 3.0). The Roon Server is running off the iMac.
The trick is pointing it properly which is making me a little batty. The name of the External is RooniMacTV. The folder that contains the music on the External is RoonMusicEXT. So can the Roon Server be pointed to the external and go from there or am I missing something? Thank you.

Hi Tyrone,

This KB Page may assist with pointing Roon to a path for an external storage device.

Hi Tyrone,

You want to use a watched folder and its most likely /volumes/RooniMacTV/RoonMusicEXT

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Helpful info. Thank you.