Music on same SSD HD in Roon server - any benefit?


This may be slightly off-topic but I want to ensure I have an optimal set-up for my Roon environment…
I’m wondering whether there is any benefit to use a Roon server on a single device with Roon server on one disc (eg 128GB SSD disk) and a 2TB SSD separate disk for my music library.
Would this provide any added-value from a SQ (or other benefit) over a simple 128GB SSD disk in a NUC with Roon Server connected to a standard NAS with non-SSD disks?
Thank you :slight_smile:

It avoids having to pull music files across your network, simplifying your setup but I don’t think it offers any advantage SQ wise. Some might argue it is actually detrimental but when I did it I thought it was the same.