Music playing at half speed

Hi, I’m not exactly sure if this is the place to just ask a question but someone can direct me to the correct place if needed.
My setup is Tidal controlled by Ipad. Into Mytek Brooklyn Bridge and a Roon Nucleus
For some reason that I dont understand occasionally it will play at half speed or slower. It doesn’t happen often and when it does it clears with a reboot. I’ve never come across digital playing slowly before so am probably trying to figure out if there is a fault in any of the hardware or just some bug in the software.

Sometimes this has something to do with settings and up- or downsampling.

If you could post screenshots of the signal path (of such a file that plays to slow) and your device settings, that would be very helpful to debug what’s going on.

I get that very occasionally too. I put it down to a change in the sample rate between consecutive tracks, but I might be wrong. Picking a different track usually works without a reboot. So - it’s not just you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response Phillip.
I’m not sure if I know how to do what you have suggested but I’ll give it a go.
The problem seems to be completely random and could be many days before it happens again. The same file that played slowly doesn’t seem to repeat itself.
I have to say Im only a fraction of the way through understanding the settings of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Hi @Gary_Grien,

Are you using the latest firmware on your Mytek? Does this issue only occur when you switch between sample rates?

If you wish to test this theory, you can try to up-sample all your content to one sample rate and see if you still encounter this behavior:

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Yes I have the latest Mytek firmware. I haven’t really done anything with sample rates. The strange part for me is that it doesn’t repeat itself. It not a great problem as it only happens every few weeks but I do appreciate all of the suggestions.

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Hi @Gary_Grien,

Thanks for confirming you have latest version. I would still try the DSP upsample test if this issue were to re-occur, if it does not happen when sample rate conversion is turned on, then we have another clue.

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