Music playing on Roon pc not identified on Roon ipad

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I opened Roon on my PC in room 1 and played a Qobuz playlist.
I opened Roon on my ipad in room 2 and wanted to see what was playing in room 1
After navigating to Qobuz and the playlist there was no indication of which song was playing.
How do I show that please?

You don’t navigate to the Qobuz playlist - think of this as the source. You should look at where you’ve sent the playlist to be played; the destination.

What you want to do is to switch to the Zone of room 1, and look at what is Now Playing, or the Queue of the Zone to see what’s coming up…

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Thank you Geoff.
I’m very new to Roon so now at least I can find the queue and, with a little experimentation, and your pointer, I figured out how to manage the transfer.

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