Music ripped in the Roon ripper

I have 5 Roon cores using NAS storage for the music across separate properties. All the NAS are synced using VPNs, therefore all the NAS have identical content. My cores are as follows; 4 ROCK and 1 Nucleus +. I know the Roon ripper does support NAS storage but if I manually copy the folders to the NAS will the local core still catalog the folders that are moved to the NAS. Will the core at the remote locations be able to catalog the new files and folders when they get copied to the remote NAS?

Hi @Fritz_Rey,

Yes, if Roon is watching both internal storage and the NAS, then it will be watched/imported twice.

Yes, as long as the files are in the watched folder for that Core machine they will be able to be imported.

Thanks so much Dylan,

Quick question; Since Roon now released the Nucleus, are there plans to phase out support for the ROCK?

Hi @Fritz_Rey,

No, ROCK and the DYI community are something we will continue to support.

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