Music stops playing/skips tracks

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Rock on NUC10i5 (4GB RAM) Roon 1.8 build 764.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Unifi network, NUC on wired Gigabit LAN.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Chord Mojo/Poly, wifi connected.

Description Of Issue

From time to time (not every day, but at least once per week) I am listening to music and it just stops. After a few seconds Roon skips to the next track. Sometimes it starts playing, sometimes it successively skips a few tracks and then starts playing, sometimes it gives up and stops playback altogether. Usually when this starts happening it happens a few times in quick succession. I mostly listen to Tidal, but when this starts happening, if I switch to a locally hosted track (on USB SSD directly attached to NUC), the behaviour is the same. With a local track I get a pop up message like:


I’m pretty sure it’s not a network issue - at least I don’t notice any other local network problems when this is happening. I don’t recall ever having this issue before updating to Roon 1.8, and I did have the same issue previously with a Mac Mini as Roon Core - the NUC is brand new. The only other thing I have changed recently is to add DSD upsampling, but when running on the Mac I could see there was plenty CPU headroom even when this was happening, and while I can’t see what the NUC/ROCK CPU is doing directly, the lack of fan noise suggests it’s not being over taxed.

What could be causing these cut outs or how could I diagnose to narrow things down?

Mostly network related issue, Roon to Internet and to the Roon end point.
Check links, router, and Internet speed.

Thanks, but why is my router and internet connection relevant if this happens when playing locally hosted files? I realise that Roon needs an internet connection for metadata etc, but would a bad internet connection affect playback of local files?

I can’t see any network issues when this happens - Unifi reports that everything is OK, and my computer which is on the same wifi network as the Poly isn’t having any network issues.

Given that I can’t log onto the Rock or the Poly to do ping or other network tests for traffic between the two, what other tests could I do which would be helpful to either identify a specific network issue, or to rule out network problems?

Hey @markauk,

Thanks for the comprehensive description of the way you’re using Roon and the issue you’re facing. I am sorry about the interruptions in your listening experience.

We’d love to help - I’ve gone ahead and notified our technicians of your post. They will reach out on this thread as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I want to thank you for your patience so far and kindly ask that you bear with us a little while longer :bear:

@beka - no problem. This hasn’t in fact happened again since my last message, and I’ve since updated to build 778. Probably the most useful thing to know right now is if there is any other useful debug info I can gather if/when it happens again.

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Hey @markauk,

This is really great news! Thanks for sharing.

That sounds like a good plan, but I am secretly hoping it will not be necessary :blush:

@beka - unfortunately it started again almost as soon as you replied. What info can I gather which will help to debug this?


This is happening for me as well after the ROON update.
It was never a problem before 778.

In other words, the only change in the entire system is the ROON upgrade, so logically it is the update that causes this issue.

It is quite infrequent, so for me it happens maybe once every 8-10 hours of listening.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I’m only playing from local library, so this is not Tidal related.

Hey @markauk,

I’m so sorry to hear that the issue reappeared. I’ve bumped this into our technician’s queue. Please, sit tight.

@Jan_Terje_Hansen, it looks like you’re experiencing something similar. Would you mind creating your own thread in the Support category, so our technical team can focus on your specific issue?

Thanks in advance :pray:

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