Music streaming stuttering on multiple devices and servers post-upgrade (ref#XQWN7U)

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I'm having trouble playing music

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I'm hearing dropouts

The music stream "breaks" or stutters on multiple devices on multiple Roon servers sincs last upgrade.

Hi @Adrie_Laan,
Thanks for writing in to let us know about this issue. Does this happen with both locally stored tracks and tracks that you stream? Does this happen with any specific file types? Are you using any DSP?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for taking this up. I only stream music from my NAS. For years now, this never happened before.

The filetypes are mainly dsd, some flac and an occasional mp3. That pattern hasn’t changed and the breaking and stuttering of the stream does not happpen on specific files.

I’m not sure what you mean with DSP. I upsample all the music to dsd 256, but thats also not new.

What changed is the lastest updates on Roon and Windows 11. I did not notice a Synology NAS update. Both my Windows laptop and desktop as a server show the same behaviour.

I also played music with the Lumin app and that happened without the breaks.

The common error factor appears to be Roon.

Sometimes I get the message that the data is loading slow. Is that loading from Roon to my Lumin streamer or loading from the NAS to the windows machine with the Roon server?

The behaviour is as if the Lumin buffer empties before the complete song has been played. It starts a new song, which partly is loaded and than the same thing happens again.

Hope this helps.

New insights. Today I played music from my NAS that is in my library for a long time. The stream is perfect without any hickups.

When I try play new music, a new I album I ripped today, the performance falls to pieces. Roon is not able to play more tan 15 seconds of a new song……

I’m a CD-collector and add a lot of newly ripped albums to Roon. This was not a problem before the last upgrade, I could play them instantly as soon as they appeared in my newly ripped Genre.


Okay, so this is probably a result of audio analysis happening while you’re listening. You could try turning off audio analysis while you’re listening and see if that stops the audio issues.

Long term you will want to have the analysis done. So I would suggest after testing that you turn audio analysis on overnight and leave it to run.

Hi Daniel,

OK, I’ll do that and test for the best settings for a while.

Stil I wonder why it suddenly had such an impact on playing audio with Roon. As I said, this wasn’t an issue before.

Thanks for your effort!


Have you installed the latest update? It contains several performance enhancements that may help in your use case.

Yes, done that. Thanks

No hassle at the moment just the joy of good music.

I’m glad Roon is working well for you now.

Hi Daniel, I’m sorry, but the gaps, jumps, stutter is back this morning after a week of normal play.

And that’s strange because there were no updates, I have the libary setting for audioanaluses both off.

The music I play this morning was in the folder for more than a week and visible under my specific genre for the folder in the library.

I also have troubles in updating roon when I move music to another folder, or delete the folder. Roon does not notice the replacing or deletion, even when I try to updat manually by letting it rescan “Rescan album” the album in the datafolder.

The latter is not new, this has never been working steadyly. Sometimes it works “OK”, but many time I have to update Roon manually after the changes in my folders. Maybe this is related to the playback issues I have at the moment?

@Adrie_Laan I’m sorry to hear that the problems returned. If you can tell me the time when it started jumping or the track playing I will look into this further.

Hi Daniel,

It was while writing this ‘report’. Do these messages have an more exact timestamp than “1 day’?

I think it was yesterday (sunday morning, 7 april), here in Holland. The music was badly ‘mashed up’, today I had to listen more close te hear the small skips. The songs were not skipped halfway.

Can it have a relation with HP drivers or Windows updates? HP and Intel had some updates yesterday. It’s such irregular behaviour.

Hope this helps.

@Adrie_Laan, I’ve reviewed your logs and this looks like the metadata issue we are currently working on. The only thing I can suggest right now is doing a restart of your server. As our team finishes up the investigation we should have more concrete steps or have a fix be released for this.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks. I thought this new experinece might help.

I just added two newly ripped CD’s to a genre, and than also to a folder on the NAS, I was listening to.

The song I was listening to stopped, a short silence and than a new song was started. The CD’s immediately appered in the genre list. (Thats nice!)

This happens while the library settings for analyses were both off!!!

Hi @Adrie_Laan,
Did the recent release fix this problem for you?

Hi Daniel,

Yes, works fine.

The folder option will be my default playing option. Nice!



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