Musical Fidelity M6 SDAC - DSD issues

Hello everyone, hello @support

I have just started using Musical Fidelity M6 SDAC (Sabre 9028 chip, XMOS) connected to Roon Bridge (Windows 10) using ASIO drivers and have two issues with it:

  1. no native DSD option only DoP using ASIO driver
  2. When playing DSD using DoP music is playing noticeably faster.

Do you know what can i do to solve issues?


Hi - i know this is a long time ago but wondered if you (or anyone else with a Musical Fidelity M6S DAC) has had this issue and found any resolution?

I have just taken ownership of the brand new M6SR DAC and i am having the same issue. I assumed it was something to do with the new model but have just seen this from 2 years ago!

Thanks for any help…