Musical Fidelity M6x DAC not recognized by Bridge

Roon Core Machine

MAC OS Monterey 12.6, M1, 8GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet. No VPN. Bridge connected via Ethernet to the Core.

Connected Audio Devices

Musical Fidelity M6x DAC via USB

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Musical Fidelity claims this brand new DAC as Roon Tested. On roons website there is only the previous model mentioned the M6sr DAC. Issue is the roon bridge does not recognize properly this DAC and Native DSD for instance is not supported! I’m unsure whether this is an issue for the bridge, for the core or the DAC itself. The DAC I used before (Atoll DAC200 Signature) was not Roon Tested but properly integrated and working also with Native DSD. So I’m curious what the issue might be.

Can I expect the roon team checking this issue? Or is this forum only for us? Unsure about this…

If it’s not in the roon tested list then it hasn’t been, so it won’t be identified.
As MF list it as roon tested I presume that they have submitted it for testing but it’s still in the process.
Roon won’t comment on it or pass dates as manufacturers have dissapeared into the testing hole for months and years. As you say, MF have two roon ready devices but not roon tested so that process may be new to them.

The predecessor is on the list! There are obviously errors on both sides. Roon and MF.

Should have said this predecessor is not working either.

Nope. Lots of manufactures claim roon ready/tested when they know full well it hasn’t been. Once it does pass, assuming it does, roon will recognise and know it’s abilities.

As I said - the predecessor M6sr DAC was recognized and listed also. And it never worked with DSD. The Clock timing was out of control… So either the tests are not properly performed or not at all.

What is the bridge running on? Not all dacs works well under Linux out of the box. If it’s a pi or similar sbc or similar like MicroRendu etc. In the manual it states it needs a Linux Kernel of 2.6.33 or later so check this is what the device is using. Roon tested doesn’t necessarily mean it will work with all features on every OS some have limited abilities for DSD and may be limited to DoP and not native DSD if it’s an unsupported Linux kernel. If on windows then it would need the driver installed and the Asio output chosen from the Roon bridge setup.

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Thanks for that helpful reply!

It is indeed a Raspi with ropieee (5.15.56-SPCKFSH-v8+). It anyway performs streaming to my other DAC (Atoll 200 Signature) up to DSD 512 natively. Thats why I thought it is not the bridge limitation. The Atoll DAC was not recognized either. It just seems to communicate with USB differently.

Therefore I still believe it must be something to do with MF or (less likely) the bridge. Next I gonna test with my MAC as a bridge. Let’s see what happens.

If you send @spockfish the developer some feedback from Ropieee he might be able to shed some light on the matter for you.

it is the same if I connect it to the MacBook.

Macs don’t tend to support DoP for DSD as native it’s not supported on the operating system. Can you set it up via DoP? This is how my RME deals with it on Linux and Max.

DoP is working. I meanwhile asked MF Germany distributor to check this out. It simply has to work because everything else of this DAC is just great. Musicality at its best.

Do you have any music at DSD512 or above? If not then your not loosing out, DoP is not changing the content only the transport mechanism in which it’s received. Native or not it’s still receiving DSD data.

Yes there are some in 512. Not that I believe it makes any difference from 256 to 512 anymore. It is more about this “Roon Tested” thing for a principle. Bot sides in such tests should be strict.

Native DSD will not work on a Mac as stated that’s a limitation of MacOS and is standard behaviour. I would reach out to Ropieees developer it does sound like this is a MF compatibility issue and he will be able to identify what it is. Roon haven’t obviously released the trigger on this one to say its Roon Tested. I would hope they test across all 3 operating systems before giving it the all clear.

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I’ve patched RoPieee’s kernel and provided @Ronny_Stratling with a beta build.
Native DSD support for the M6x will land in the next stable release.



Excellent service as always Harry. If all products could have such amazing support the world would be a happier place.


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