Musical Fidelity MX-Stream no longer available

Roon Core Machine

Apple Mac Mini M1 8Gb (MacOS Monterey 12.6.2)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear ethernet switch.
Netgear Orbi.
Using both ethernet and WiFi.

Connected Audio Devices

Chord Qutest DAC
Chord M-Scaler
Phoenix Innuos
Musical Fidelity M6si Amp
Musical Fidelity MX-Stream

Number of Tracks in Library

812 tracks

Description of Issue

I recently purchased a Musical Fidelity MX-Stream network streamer. It was working flawlessly with Roon (+ Quboz) until today when I had to restore it to its Factory Settings as it was behaving in a glitchy manner for some reason. The MX-Stream appears to be working normally (e.g. I can stream music to it directly using Shairport-Sync) but now Roon Core doesn’t show it as a Roon Ready audio device any longer and so I can’t stream to it! I’ve tried numerous fixes, including restarting my Mac, deleting the Roon app itself and also associated folders (RAATServer and Roon) from the Library folder of my Mac but nothing seems to work. I’ve also restarted my Netgear Orbi router and, of course, I’ve also restarted the MX-Stream device. I’d appreciate any advice as it’s really frustrating me. Thanks!

Some additional info…

I downloaded and installed the latest MX-Stream firmware (1.081), as per exact instructions here:

Note that it appears there’s a Roon-related problem with this firmware version as a related issue has also been reported here:

Waiting to hear back from Musical Fidelity. At the very least I hope I can get a copy of the previous firmware version from them as it appears it’s the latest firmware that gives this annoying issue.

OK, so this problem was solved by downgrading the firmware on the MX-Stream back to Version 1.079 after receiving a copy of it from the local distributor. The 1.081 is supposedly a ‘test’ firmware version which doesn’t recognise the Roon Core. Why it’s been uploaded to the Musical Fidelity downloads site is odd to me!

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