Musicbrainz-to-Roon hiccup: 2 primary artists joined into 1 with ";"

I’m currently in the process of helping roon to recognize the unidentified albums in my collection by adding data to musicbrainz and then waiting a day or two (well, it’s quite unpredictable when roon picks up my edits but usually it does). Most of the times results are good but
:rotating_light: for this release roon joined the two album artists into one with a semi-colon. Looks to me like some kind of an issue with the “grab stuff from musicbrainz” routine. Maybe @support could pass this on to the metadata import repair guys :man_mechanic: to check?
For my library I fixed the joined artist away locally by editing it on the album and track level :roll_eyes: but it’s still wrong in the :cloud: I guess (and maybe the issue affects other imports from musicbrainz - who knows) … :thinking:

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Hi @ndrscr. A fix :man_mechanic: for this is already in the works and should be rolled out very soon once testing is completed. Please bear with us!

By the way, your MusicBrainz metadata look really good! :slight_smile:

Sure! :grinning:

:flushed: Thanks, I’m tryin’ …

(Even so I do not really know what will get picked up by roon I hope the more there is the more cross references will be there in the future & that’s why I try to enter as much info as I can get from my source material.)

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That’s our intention.


Hi @ndrscr. This is now fixed. Please allow up to a week for the updated metadata to be pulled into your library.

One question: I thought, Roon uses Rovi instead of MusicBrainz. So I can add missing Albums to MusicBrainz to get them identified in Roon? That would be great. Can this be done with software?

Roon uses both, and we intend to add more metadata sources in the future :slight_smile:



Great! :smiley:

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