MUTEC MC-3+ Smart Clock USB

I have been looking at ways to improve the sound quality from my Roon/Nuc and read that reclocking can deliver improvements.

I found the MUTEC MC-3+ Smart Clock USB and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the product and does it improve the sound quality or is it a bit of snake oil?

Also has anyone got any recomendations on improving the sound quality from Roon?

Have a look at devilalet chat forum as there is quite a bit about this on there . It is mostly favourable from what I recall

As @Womaz mentioned, there is a long thread on Devialet Chat about the MC-3+ USB, and it is widely regarded as a good thing. That said, I believe most Devialet users – including myself – have it configured as a USB-to-AES/EBU converter, which makes it hard to untangle the effects of re-clocking from any general differences between the sound quality of the USB and AES/EBU inputs specific to the Devialet Expert series.

Mutec are primarily a professional audio company so my own impression is that their products are based on sound engineering and are not what I might be tempted to categorise as snake-oil (FWIW).

Thank you for the link to the Devialet, it would certainly appear not to be snake oil :slight_smile:
Just wondering if anyone has it running with Roon?

Yes, I have used it with Roon, from a Mac Mini USB to a Devialet 440 Pro AES/EBU input; it works very nicely. (In my case I ended up using AIR over Ethernet by preference simply because it is a little more ergonomic, but that’s specific to the Devialet and the way I like to use it.)

I used that model until four months ago. Setup: Innuos Zenith MK II (-> Ethernet) SOtM SMs200ultra (-> USB) Mutec (-> AES/EBU) -> ARCAM FMJ D33 (-> XLR) Preamp. It improved SQ (not dramatic, but everything was a bit easier, more relaxed, and a bit more air). As I changed my DAC to a PS Audio Directstream I did not hear any difference anymore between the Mutec vs. going USB direct from the SOtM. Therefore I sold the unit.
So, as always, it depends on your system, and your ears…

Until very recently I used the Mutec along with a Sonora Ultrarendu to drive Roon into my four Naim systems with top notch results . I recently upgraded my Naim systems and they now natively support Roon so I will be putting the Mutec and the Ultrarendu up for sale shortly , if you are interested let me know please

Hi Terry

Thank you for responding. I could be interested in the Mutec, how much would you want for it and how old is the unit?


I am away from home home at the moment but back very late Weds night . Let me look at this Thursday and get back to you with a proposed price then . Hope that’s ok with you ? I am in the UK whereabouts are you ?

Hi Terry

No problem for Thursday. Im live near Warrington in the UK, but I work in Milan so Im only home at the weekends.



Ok , I am up near Edinburgh so if we do go ahead at least shipping won’t be a problem :grinning: What system are you looking to put the Mutec into and how are you running Roon

I’ve used Mutec MC-3+ USB for little less than a year now. Works great and sounds best out of the all USB-bridges I’ve used this far, and there’s many. I moved to MC-3+ from TeddyPardo U2S. I think the re-clock function of MC-3+ is the key here for better sound quality. Also I like it that MC-3+ adds galvanic isolation between computer and rest of the system.

I e-mailed Mutec about Roon Ready support for their products last August. They said this functionality is on its way and should be ready soon. Still nothing though, let’s hope this happens some day.

I have Roon runing on an Intel nuc i7, this connects to an Audio note Dac via a hiface usb to spdif convertor. Roon does sound very good, but not as good as an audio note cd transport, which I dont understand as both devices should be outputting the signal lossless. Even when Roon is outputting lossless to the DAC, playing the same track the CD trasport sounds much better. So this is why I was thinking about the Mutec to reclock to try to get closer to the sound of the CD transport.

Is there any configuartion on Roon required to use the MC-3 or is it just plug and play?

If you’re using the first, original Hiface, then I’d consider updating. M2Tech Hiface was pretty much the first USB to S/PDIF converter to hit the market almost 10 years ago. I purchased it and after that, never looked back to the old way of connecting PC with optical or coaxial connection straight to the DAC. Even the first Hiface sounded better. But it doesn’t offer galvanic isolation and external PSU to replace the dirty power coming from the PC. These are the two most important functions on proper USB to S/PDIF converter (IMO). Mutec doesn’t only offer these functions but also re-clocks the signal and has many other features.

I have the 2nd generation HiFace and I am surprised the difference it makes to the sound compared to USB.
If I use a Mutec, would there be any benefit to having a linear PSU on the Roon Rock?

Sincere apologies ran out of time today but will get a price and details over to you tomorrow I promise
Terry Smith

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