MUTEC MC-3+ Smart Clock USB

If you’re using the first, original Hiface, then I’d consider updating. M2Tech Hiface was pretty much the first USB to S/PDIF converter to hit the market almost 10 years ago. I purchased it and after that, never looked back to the old way of connecting PC with optical or coaxial connection straight to the DAC. Even the first Hiface sounded better. But it doesn’t offer galvanic isolation and external PSU to replace the dirty power coming from the PC. These are the two most important functions on proper USB to S/PDIF converter (IMO). Mutec doesn’t only offer these functions but also re-clocks the signal and has many other features.

I have the 2nd generation HiFace and I am surprised the difference it makes to the sound compared to USB.
If I use a Mutec, would there be any benefit to having a linear PSU on the Roon Rock?

Sincere apologies ran out of time today but will get a price and details over to you tomorrow I promise
Terry Smith

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I have been using the Mutec MC-3+USB for more than one year with Roon.
Once you add the Mutec to your setup, it will be next to impossible to listen to your system without the Mutec, it is definitely the best upgrade I have done in my setup.


Hi Leon

I have to fully agree with you! I got the Mutec connected between my roon nuc and a Audio Note DAC and it has made such a massive difference to the sound quality. It took a bit of time to setup and I will be honest I’m not exactly sure what it is doing but it really does improve the sound quality.

Next I want to look at a linear power supply.

Hmm, what Mutec model offers external PSU?

I meant that it uses its own PSU, not the power from USB.

OK, I’ve been looking at Mutec, so when you implied this I thought I had misunderstood something in their specs.

It’s all good.

Glad to hear it worked out for you John :grinning:

Roon Ready means the device can be used as an endpoint.

Did Mutec say they were working on Roon Ready, or just Roon Tested?

I have been using MC3 USB+ and Ref 10 (clock) for more than 1 1/2 years, my set up is MacBook Pro > MC3+USB/ REF 10 > LIO Dac 2.

With only MC3 USB+ the SQ improvement is about 20%, however, by adding Mutec Ref 10 the improvement is significant and noticeable. My conclusion, if I go for MC3 then Ref 10 is a must, or otherwise, save money for UltraRendu …

Just Roon tested then. I’ve just mixed the terms probably.

We agree I guess, but the REF 10 is a very costly device so not all MC-3 owners can afford it. Even the MC-3+ USB is out of reach for many. While the UltraRendu is very good (I’ve got the 1.4 microRendu) it is not a match for the reclocking in the MC-3+ USB.

I’d be interested in knowing how you arrived at this percentage measurement.

Even the mighty Paul McGowan makes the point in one of his homilies that a master clock is not necessary and has no effect in the short distances encountered in home audio.

If you feel you must absolutely waste money on a master clock, then there is also the Mutec 3+.

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as far as I understand the 3+ USB is identical to 3+ with just USB circuitry added. I’ve seen comments that the USB version actually sounds better, but I have not listened to both so I wouldn’t know. Might be related to firmware versions…

Both can act as a master clock. The USB version also converts from one type of input to another type of output.

The Mutec 3+ USB can also reclock DSD streams to PCM res.