MX Linux / Roon Bridge Installation error

It’s still the same package just a different mode. I’m afraid you’re fighting a losing battle, go with something known & proven.

Thanks for your input. I agree you can do it with other distros but I am looking for the answer to the first question. Again thanks but I want to solve my problem. I am finding more about this problem on other sites. If I find the answer i will post it for everyone in our community. I now have Oracle VM running on the MX PC and Linux Mint is running inside VM and I loaded RoonBridge successfully inside Mint. Always more than one way to skin a cat. Thanks again

Not going to happen, it’s a non standard distro so why should Roon support it?

Why are you running an app inside a VM on a host, you’re just creating problems for problems sake.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for your thanks.

This topic led me to the idea. Found several users with VM needs and sucess.

Try instaling the bridge manually instead of using the installer

First of all Thanks for the info.
I was kicking that around too but after I read what Chris posted.
Looks like no hope for MX due to Systemd vs Sysinit
Virtualbox has hope but the core system/audio can’t see it yet?
but other VM containers may work out.

I have use the low latency kernels for my Daw too but Mx is my choice now. Mint debian also works with the Daw well but again not with Roon. Live and learn as the linux roadmap is huge.

You need to change the network type from NAT to bridge in order for it to be visible to the other devices on the network.
Or you could use my script to create a RoonOS based VM

It all depends on your Linux knowledge, and how many hours of futzing around you’re willing to spend on this. It looks like Roon Bridge is expecting Systemd, and so you’d need to replicate the steps the installer is doing with suitable modifications for Sysvinit. It also looks like you might need d-bus running. Installing a VM will be a much better documented process….

Good luck!

I have an instance of Dietpi running roonbridge inside Oracle Virtual Box.
Virtual Box is running inside MX linux OS on a PC.
The Roon Core now connects the audio devices connected to Dietpi instance.
Thanks to this community I solved my problem with another application.

VM works…dropping my FrankenDebian path. Chris sent me a link that killed that.
Dietpi works, Mint Failed.
Both VM instances let me install roonbridge but the core only displays dietpi in Setting/audio
not mint. Although both run roonbridge.

Thanks…yikes I got to try this too

Bingo…Mint works too. Thanks for that Network config tip.

Gotta ask though, if all you want is to have a core and control gui running on your desktop in order to control a remote endpoint why go through all the trouble with setting up the VMs if you can run the Windows client via Wine with much less overhead?

Hate to see old PC’s collect dust. This one is running DAW software and now connected to Studio Analog equipment. Probably give it to a young musician. It functions very well and I can tune into Roon with my headphones or analog stuff while building it. I have several endpoints in the configurations here. Most of all I am feeding a need for a little system integration after 10 years of retirement. I love to learn and I can see System Technology moving into Virtual enviorments its inevitable. Well meeting everyone in the community is fun too. Lots of help for any thing you want to do. Thanks for helping me too. Two heads are better than one. Software & Hardware are like crossword puzzles. One more thing…Exploring Linux is a passion…everyone helps everyone so I strive to find a better distro? See you gave me another idea Wine… I recall SunSolaris introducing a WABI back the 80s. I think it was called Windows Applications Binary Interface…Sound like Wine too.

Give this project a try if you want core and ui on the same machine

install mx in kvm or Virtualbox
add usb audio as host device
apt install squeezelite
set SL_SOUNDCARD=“sysdefault:CARD=x20” in /etc/default/squeezelite
enable squeezebox in roon
et voilà

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Yea…Just started to monkey around with PiCore, Squeezelite & Logitech Media Server.
Not a bad setup. You can stream to RPI endpoints via Tidal without Tidal connect. Its like a mini-roon.
Now I will give it a try inside VB! Thanks for giving me more VB configuration designs. Its seems endless. Reminds me of the image of the “Mirror” on the LP cover of Pink Floyd Ummagumma! Keeps on going…Droste effect! Thanks again.

Next thing you know old Jeds a millionaire!

You could use squeezelite as Roon endpoint on your mx linux, without any virtualization. Keep it simple.