My Allman Brothers Idlewild south album is now missing tracks 2 & 3 [Resolved]

My Allman Brothers Idlewild south album is now missing tracks 2 & 3… the tracks were there the last time I played the album, sometime in the last 2-3 months. The tracks are present in iTunes. I tried the Fix Track Grouping feature recommended in the Roon Knowledge Base FAQ, but the missing tracks did not show.

I am running Roon version 1.3 on OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan, 4040 tracks stored on a 128GB SSD in a Mac Mini with a 2.5GHz i5, 4GB RAM. The MAC Mini is Cat 6 hardwired to a PS Audio DirectStream DAC Bridge II.

Apprecite suggestions on how to replace these missing tracks. I have not noticed any other Albums with missing tracks, but have not looked through them all. Thank you.

Hi @mikem ---- Thank you for the PM and sharing your feedback with me. We typically try to handle any support related questions on the “support” thread of the community site so other users have access to any information or troubleshooting tips being shared, should they provide useful to them as well. Would you mind if I made your PM a public topic and we can continue from there? Let me know.

In the mean time, can you please verify that the mentioned missing tracks have not ended up under skipped files?


Hi Eric, and thanks for the follow-up… no problem making this PM a public topic (I didn’t realize it wasn’t already).

You are correct, my music files are stored on and accessed from my Mac Mini SSD. I just checked again and there are no tracks in skipped tracks.

Hi @mikem ---- Thank you for touching base with me, very appreciated!

Moving forward, would it be possible for you to provide me with a copies of the tracks that are having the issue for analysis via a shared dropbox link? Let me know.


Hi Eric, I had some spare time this am so I thought I would try the tried and true method of starting over… I deleted the album from my iTunes library and then re-ripped it. Along the way I checked to see that after deleting from iTunes it was also gone from Roon. Interestingly it came back into Roon as two partial albums - one with the same two missing tracks as previously missing and another with just the two missing tracks. I merged the two and now appear to be all good! Sorry to have troubled you with this one!

No apologies necessary, @mikem :wink: Pleased to hear you were able to sort this out.

Happy listening!