My audio system home and network issues

Hi there im new on roon im thinking to try it free and if it good to make it for 1 year and see .
I have my home setup audio : 1 tubes integreted amp analog amp connecting to 2 good floor speakers Devore fidelity nines speakers. I have home theatre reciver yamaha rxa 3050 that connected to the 2 main speakers Devore nines on preout and center subs and 2 rear speakers and i have 2 zone out speakers to my garden connected to this reciver.
My source to play music is in the working room is 3 external hard disks that connected to the win10 pc .
And in my living room is my all audio setup that i mentioned above .i have nuc i5 genertion 8 new pc that connected to usb dac that connected to my tube analog integred amp Leben cs600 amp.
I was thinking to install roon on my nuc the core version rock for nuc ,but this nuc pc is the only nuc i have i wanna to play from it my music so its little bit problem how can i use my nuc pc for be rock roon server and play music on the same nuc itsnot recommended i dont wanna buy more nuc or another roon server. I wonder if roon can be good for my setup system . I have tidal service and apple music and my external hard drives.
My hometheatre reciver the yamaha rxa3050 is for running movies and live show and media not for music only my 2 zones outdoor in my garden speakers connect to him.
And another thing if i live in kibbutz small one .i have small network pcs in the kibbutz like internal networking and in my home i have router that have it is small networking 192.168.1.x
Can i use roon server core in my house for example that can conncted to another pc in my kibbutz networking 172.21.5.x for examlple and there to install roon end point client ?

Roon requires the server and the endpoints to all be in the same subnet.

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I have an i5 (Windows 10) that I use for running core, but I occasionally play from it and it works fine. Don’t see why you’d need a second NUC.

Ok i understand from you that i can use roon core on my nuc i5 and play from it from usb dac that connected to my nuc i5.
But i wanna understand if it recommended for audio quality because i read that it need to sperated core from end point client , and if its not sperate that mean that the sound ne fine or great ?
If its just fine maybe i dont need to use roon maybe foobar be better ? Im really like to know hiw much its importent

There are too many variables in any individual setup to answer that really, other than, try it both ways and see which you prefer.

For myself, I keep my server on a different floor away from all music playback and I prefer it that way. And I left Foobar and Jriver a long time ago in favor of Roon and haven’t regretted that choice. I find Roon to sound better than either of them.

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