My backup will not restore. Message is restore failed. Check backup

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My computer is a Dell All-In-One. My Core is my Dell. I’m listening to my music from my Core to a Cambridge Audio CXN(V2) Network audio stream and then into my home Luxman System. I’m using an Apple IPad as my remote to manage my Roon listening . My most recent backup was on April 27th and is set for every 4 days. On April 29th, I had PC issues and could not open my PC. I took the computer in and it was diagnosed as having a bad hard drive. The data on the original hard drive was all there and all data was able to be backed up remotely. The hard drive was replaced (from a 1T to a 2T SSD) and all data was transferred to the new hard drive. I logged back into Roon and all music files were transferred, however not including any changes such as hidden albums, hidden tracks etc. I then went to my back up list on my Roon, chose April 27th restore, and that’s when I get the restore failed message. Any suggestion/solution would be greatly appreciated. Many hours were spent getting my Roon to where it was on April 27th. Frederick

Did you have a backup on an entirely different drive? You mention that the data was “backup up remotely”, so I’d suggest you use this rather than what was copied to the new drive.

It’s highly likely that the disk failure or the process of copying the backup folder to your new drive has damaged your backups.

I’ve rebuilt my roon core library instead of trying to restore it from the old hard drive back up. My issue is now my apple ipad that i use as my remote cannot find my roon core? I’ve tried and checked everything that is suggested on line. Any suggestions? could it be that I no longer have the same hard drive in my pc? And if so, how do I correct the issue.

Hey @Frederick_Burkert1,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. My apologies for the delayed response and for your wait. We’ve made some recent changes to the support team structure and some reports have experienced a longer response time than usual.

After digging into your account, it looks like you were able to connect your iPad a few days ago. Are you still running into the issue you described above?

Let me know!

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