My Box Set Solution

So, lots of discussion on box sets… here is where I landed. Not saying this is the best way or the right way, but it works for my collection with Roon.

IMO, there are two kinds of box sets:

  1. A collection of albums - e.g. NAXOS box set of Haydn String Quartets

  2. A deluxe edition of an album - e.g. Soundgarden - Superunknown (Super Deluxe, Box Set)

Here is an example of type 1)

This is an unordered collection of albums from, in this case, a collection of DG playlists I added to Roon from Qobuz (I also purchased some of them - they are quite good).

Here are some example of type 2)

In these cases (Tears For Fears “Songs From The Big Chair” and Simple Minds “New Gold Dream”), there is a primary album (i.e. the album tracks when published), followed by a number of albums containing extended content (e.g. alternate takes, demos, live tracks, radio edits, whatever). This seems to be a common patterns with every non-classical box set I own.

What’s important for me with type 2) is I want to see the alternate artwork and album title; and, I want the primary album to show first in the collection.

So, this is what I do:

  1. Use single disc numbering (i.e. do NOT set N of M disc numbers) and each CD gets its own folder

  2. Primary or Disc 1 - Album Title [YYYY Engineer] | [YYY Remastered] to primary album in box (the year number will cause it sort first in listings and in all of my cases, box sets usually are remastered, so I list that in brackets with the year and mastering engineer)

  3. Disc 2…N - Album Title [Sub-Title] with unique album art applied and the sub-title added in brackets.

The great news here is that Roon extracts information in [brackets] or (parenthesis) and annotates the album cover (see my examples above). A practice I started long before Roon was to add (SACD), (BD), (DVD-A), etc, in parens so I could keep track of my optical plastic. Nice to see how Roon displays these annotations on the album cover.

  1. Add Sub-title to Grouping tag (not used by Roon, but by other media apps)

  2. Identify (sub-titles) in Roon - assign correct track titles, as needed - sometimes, not always, the additional stuff in the album title / different track listings will cause Roon to mark the sub-title albums as not identified. So, I go in and ID as the original album and chose the track listing that matches with the actual tracks.

  3. Add Box Set - Artist Album tag to all sub-titles - finally, add a Roon tag to each disc, so that they are all collected.

Here are some examples from a bookmark showing my box sets as described above:

A note: I setup my library to prioritize my metadata for Album and Track titles over the Roon versions, so that’s why you see the [ … ] and ( … ) stuff in the album titles in my examples.

Whew… now I am ready to tackle the 18-disc Tangerine Dream: In Search Of Hades box set.


Interesting technique. How do you get the “Box Set” text to show orange in Roon?

It’s a bookmark of a filtered display of tags - by adding “box set” to the filter field. See below:


Hi, just a note to let you know I moved the thread to Roon Software as it was not a Feature Request.

Back to regular programming…

But, I do a lot of what you do already. I individually split box sets, set group identies with versions, and keep the organized with Tags, and Tags of Tags, Bookmarks, etc.

Huh. How do you create tags of tags?

My way of saying you can make a tag that is comprised of other tags, another way of saying it would be “nested tags”. Say, I have tags for my Blu Rays, Box Sets, DVD sources, Multichannel, Opera, Singles, Soundtracks and Live CDs. I can group those tags into a SuperTag. The tag is not placed at the album level but at the tag level, hence, tag of tags. Like in the shot below, notice all the elements of this tag are other tags.


Got it… I was wondering what the “Add to tag…” menu item was all about.


UPDATE: OK, so I finished ripping all 18 discs from the Tangerine Dream “In Search Of Hades” box set, including 2 Blu-Rays that included 3 albums.

I used the methodology described above, ripping with XLD (CDs), MakeMKV + DVD Audio Extractor (Blu-Rays), tagging with Metadactics, transcoding with XLD, importing into iTunes and then into Roon (I use my iTunes library with Roon).

All good, I guess, except for two issues:

  1. Importing an 18 disc box set as separate albums sort of overwhelms the Overview display. I actually use the default view to quickly get to recent imports, but that’s a small problem solved by a click of View All and side-scrolling:

  1. Box set arrangement per the actual box:

To get to this view is 1) assign the Box Set tag to each album (thankfully, you can multi-select the albums and assign in one shot; 2) click on the tag, 3) click on View All Albums and 4) click on Sort By Album Title.

Finally, I assigned a bookmark to return to this view in one click.

Not a perfect solution, but it works. Now, on to listening… I’ve already listened to the BD Steven Wilson re-mixed version of Phaedra. Wow. The bad news is that they were unable to locate the original master tapes for Rubycon, but the new treatments for Phaedra, Ricochet and Oedipus Tyrannus was worth the price of admission (for me, anyway). I highly recommend this box set, if you can find it.

I like your ideas. There is, however, a third category of box sets: collections of tracks where the disks don’t correspond to preexisting albums. Examples of this include any of the giant Bernstein boxes, or most any multi-disk “greatest hits” collection. These can be challenging to deal with in Roon.


I would make the case that this is another example of type 1 - collection of albums. They may not have been previously released, so not having existing, unique album art. But, they will likely have a sub-title.

I looked at the example you gave and each of the 80 CDs does have a unique album jacket (looking at the Amazon product photos). Looking at the upper right corner, you can see printing to the left of the disc number, so that seems like a sub-title.