My classical albums not visible under "Composer"

I have a local database with about 6000 albums of mainly classical music. Most of these have been ripped from CD and tagged to my requirements. Most have not been ripped with the whole CD as one album: for instance a CD of Beethoven Symphonies No. 5 & 7 has been ripped as two separate albums (Beethoven: Symphony No. 5; Beethoven: Symphony No. 7). The Composer tag is set as “Beethoven”.

I normally use a composers surname only but in the case of composers with the same surname I use the format Bach, J S; Bach, C P E etc.

My albums show in “Albums” but many do not show under “Composer”.

For instance I have six albums with “Bernstein” tagged as the composer. If I go to “Composers”:“Leonard Bernstein” none of these show but a performance of Beethoven’s Missa solemnis (conducted by Bernstein) and a cast recording of West Side Story (composed by Bernstein) are listed. I have tagged neither of these with a composer of “Bernstein”.

So how do I get Roon to recognise my Composer tag and list them properly?

Are your composers configured as classical composers in Roon’s artist editor? I suppose not, if you tagged the files with your custom names. I would expect that they may not even be identified as the composers that Roon knows about?

You are correct. I have been setting my “Composers” to YES in “Is Classical Composer” and then merging with Roon’s Composer. A bit tedious but it seems to work.

Thanks for the insight.

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This may be the issue. Please try following Roon’s best practice for file tags.

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