My core is not updating and all the remotes are crashing

My core is a Mac mini 2014 running monterey version 12.6.3 intel dual coreI5 2.6 ghz
client or remotes are asus desktop running windows 11, pentium gold dual core at 2.0 ghz, I pad pro samsung s22 and a Fiio II DAP
For internet - wifi connections primary router is a ArrisTG2482A and then a secondary mesh system Tp link deco 60.
My core start downloading your latest update but it fails to install, and states, that there was an error checking for an update.
ROON version 2.0 build 1133 is instaled ### Roon Core Machine, all of the clients just crash as soon as i try to open the app in the asus and the ipad, on the samsung phone and the fiiio it open but frezzes.
So what to do next
Oh the core works it is connected via usb to ans SMSL 400 dac and via HDMI to a yamaha cx5100

I believe what you are experiencing is based on your Core running Build 1133 and your PC and other Remotes probably running B1211 if they are the most recent downloads from Roon or their respective app stores.

I recommend backing up your Core on your Mac using the Roon backup process, then download the Mac installer from Roon here and install over your B1133 Core:

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Thanks up and running again

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Oops not so fast, the iPad continúe crashing, and i have not checked My desktop i Will let You know later

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