My DFF file is converted to PCM [Resovled]

My DFF file is converted to PCM

My system is as below

PC - Matrix X-Hi USB Card - ifi nano iUSB3.0 - Matrix X-SPDIF2 - I2S - Matrix X-Sabre Pro - ifi Pro iCAN AMP

Setup screen is as below

It shows that X-SPDIF Series uses WASAPI driver. I am not sure if it is the problem.

I can still listen to the music even after I disable the X-SPDIF.

But it is still PCM.

I hope to play DFF file in my roon.

It’s still not working even after I chose “DSD over PCM” or “Initial dCS method”.

Your signal path output passes through the OS mixer. No standard OS mixer supports DSD.


Thank you very much for your recommendation.
It helped a lot.
I haven’t noticed that.
OS mixer was not my intention.
I did not do anything to set it like this.
I even don’t know what is OS mixer at all.
I just wonder how I can change the signal path output to pass through the USB Output.
Matrix company does not seem to be included in the Partner Devices Matrix.
Maybe Roon is not supporting Matrix X-SPDIF2.

Well, first you need to give your X-SPDIF zone a name. Once you have done that you then need to select it as the active zone.

I gave them names.
I don’t know if there is any additional process to select it to make the active zone.
It is not working yet.

I figured out my problem
As you said I had to quit the system output and select X-SPDIF.
Thanks to all of you


Glad you got it sorted! Enjoy the music. I notice Beethoven 6, how is their version?

I am not a professional listener but I feel nice and sweet about their performance.
Thanks, for your reply.

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