My Digione player is kind of noisy... something wrong?


Noticed this the other day (I normally have my ROCK and Digione player with aluminum case inside a cupboard).

The noice is like a when a HDD is working very hard but maybe a bit more high pitched. It sound like this even when nothing is connected except the powersupply. I clearly hear it from my listening position when the door to the cupboard is open.

Is this normal ore is something maybe wrong with my RPi 3 Model B, or something else?


No, this isn’t normal. It should be silent. Similar post here …

Are you sure the sound is from the RPi or from the power supply? Also, what DAC are you using?


Thank you for your answer.

It feels like I have no luck with my computer hardware…

The person you refer to seems to have some noise coming out from his speakers to. I only have a noise coming out from the unit itself. I can clearly hear it, do not know if the Allo power supply affects it somehow but feels like the RPi 3 B has some issue.

I use the built in DAC in my Audiolab 6000A. But the noise is there when nothing but the powercable is connected.

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What happens if you disconnect the power cable from the RPi? If the noise doesn’t go away, then it’s probably the power supply.

Thanks, but the power supply is dead silent. I only get this annoying almost squeaking sound when the power supply is connected to the Digione player.

I seem to have Only the B version now, could a new B+ version maybe fix the problem? I’ve seen that new Digione cards ships with that version now.


I suggest to try one more thing - it will involve some fiddling with the RPi but may be worth it:

  • dismount the Signature HAT from the RPi and
  • check if the RPi is working silently without the Signature add-on card.

If not, you know it’s something with the RPi. In the other case, you could contact allo and describe the issue. I had an early revision of the Signature HAT which failed after a while (a year or so) and allo did replace it.

Hi again,

I have now removed the digione board. The sound seems to be there even without that (I do think that the noise is a bit reduced though.)

Should I just try with a new RBi 3 B+ board?

Not sure - you’re results are a bit inconclusive. :slight_smile:

A new RPi isn’t that big of an investment and you could still use it for something else in case it doesn’t solve the issue at hand.

What software are you using with the RPi? I’d try one more thing and install another image on the SD card.

Hi again,

OK, the new RBi board seems to make a little noise to, with and without the digiboard (louder with the digiboard)…A little different than before but still noticeable, especially when I’m close to the unit.

I used dietpi software, but the noises are there even without a SD card.

Can someone please for my sanity stand close to or even put the head aganist a Digione Player or some RBi unit and say if it is dead quitet.


Mine’s perfectly quiet. Just tested (and looked a bit silly doing so :wink: ).

Haha, don’t talk about it. The wife thinks I’ve lost it.

I managed to try a different older digione card now (1.1 version). It is a lot quieter than my 1.2 version. What version do you have?

It feels like i’m giving up soon. The first 1.1 version had problems when the DAC went in to standby and now the second card has this noise.

Super high pitched oscillating erratic noise from my RPi 3 B+, have to get right up close, in a dead quiet room, but yeah. Reminds me of the noise from USB chargers and other gadgets with switch-mode power supplies in them.

I think I’ve a rev. 1.2 now, can’t check without disassembling the the DigiOne/RPi kit.