My laptop is the Roon core however it does not appear as a device

Dell XPS 13 Laptop
12th gen I7 chip 32 GB Ram running Win 11 and Roon 2.0

Roon runs fine on all me devices including NAIM streamer, Marantz pre/pro, Samsung Galaxy tablet, ARC works on my Android phone (after troubleshooting a port forwarding issue)
I have read other posts about Firewall exceptions and it does not seem to apply. I am not using Windows Defender, I am Running Norton 360 with the VPN turned off
Mutiple reboots and stop/starts and yet my laptop does not appear on the list of devices. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Xfinity XFi modem connected to an Asus RT-AX88U router via ethernet which is connected to Dell Thunderdock via ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Is a firewall. Did you try turning it off?

yes I did, Dell XPS still does not appear

I would just go ahead and check to see if Roon.exe and RAATserver.exe are added as exceptions in Norton 360 and if not add them.

I could not see where individual files could be added as exceptions in Norton 360, however I added the Roon program as an exception. The issue is still there, laptop does not appear as a device. Thank you though.

What do you see in the audio setup page, can you show a screen grab?

Do you have a page that looks like this? Or a place you can find “settings”?

If so, go to “settings” and look for “firewall” or “Program Control” (for me program control is on the firewall tab):

Both Roon.exe and RAATserver.exe should be added and set to “allow”.

Thank you, those are both listed and functioning, it turns out the problem was that some devices were disabled in audio settings. I’m not sure how that happened because they were enabled when I set Roon up on this new laptop but somehow that was changed. All good now and I very much appreciate the assist!

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Thank you, the devices were not enabled. I do not know why that changed as they were enabled when I set up Roon on the new device. I guess I now know what to look for should it happen again. Thank you!

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