My library strucrues in my storage has been broken

Upon checking my library in my own storage, I found that the hierarchy of my library has been totally broken. It had been sorted according to genres like orchestra, chamber, opera, jazz, pops, kpops etc but my library has files listed according to alphabetical order only. Korean letter has been totally broken. It happend after I updated my roon recently.

What happened? Is it possible to restore my lists as before?

I struggled with problems in roon without any perfect listening experience nowadays…

Did you use Organised folders?

Yes. I did.

Then Roon did exactly what it was supposed to do.

There’s no easy way to undo it. For a starter turn off Organised folders and revert to watched folders. Search the forum for posts containing puddletag - one of them contains some guidance to aid in undoing the mess.

Hello @JOHN_LEE,

You can add your music to Roon in two ways: by using ‘Watched’ folder or by using ‘Organized’ folder.
In case of using ‘Watched’ folder, Roon just scans the folder and adds their content into the library, without moving or changing files.
In case of ‘Organized folder’ Roon manages the folder and its content. It means that folder hierarchy will be changed and files will be moved.

You can’t undo changes which were made by ‘Organized folder’. Though you can:

  1. Remove your ‘Organized’ folder from Roon and your hard drive
  2. Open ‘Setup’ tab in Roon
  3. Clean Roon library database with a ‘Clean Up library’ feature
  4. Restore your music folder from the backup (I’m sure you have such)
  5. Add restored folder as a ‘Watched’ folder

Let us know if you have any difficulties with these steps and we will be able to sort them out.


Why are my Korean folder names all broken?

That sounds like a bug, if I’m understanding you correctly. You’re saying the artist names are Korean, and the folders they’re being moved to don’t look right?

If so, we can look into this for you @JOHN_LEE@vova or myself will be in touch via PM to get some more information about this, ok?


Pls lrt me know what PM is.

Private message :smile: you’ll get a notification in the top-right corner of the community site.