My little Dragonfly icon is now a speaker

When I first connected my Audioquest Dragonfly through Roon it was displaying a little icon with a line drawing of the dragonfly in the bottom right.

I did something along the way and now it just displays the default speaker icon in its place?

I know its very minor, but I’d be curious how easy it would be to fix and get my little dragonfly back…


I’m wondering if you have System Output Enabled in Roon Settings > Audio and have it selected for the Dragonfly.

Can you post a screenshot of your Audio Settings window?

Cheers, Greg

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I did have system output enabled but turned it off. Here are a couple screen shots.

Hi Greg,

Ok, can you click the Gears icon and select Device Setup and look at the top left of the window. Can you post a screenshot of that? Does it say Not Your Device?

Cheers, Greg

It does: and the little dragonfly does show there oddly enough

Strange. Do you have another remote that you can try and see if it’s just on your iPad?

Also, maybe quit the app on the iPad and restart it. (Double click the home button and swipe up Roon to close it).

Cheers, Greg

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