My Mac Pro remotes cannot connect to my mac mini room suddenly! [Solved]

Hi there,

My system has worked perfectly for many months (my system runs on a Mac mini and I use two mac pro as remotes. But suddenly none of them cannot connect to the central Roon system running on my mac mini.

This is really weird since the network between the two Mac Pro computers and the mac mini works perfectly and there has been no new updates that might have caused this new problem.

Please help me ASAP


Hi @rasmussenmorten,

Have you looked over this post? We’ve heard from a few people having issues of late with the OSX firewall, so that’s a good one to look at first.

Let me know if you’re still having issues and we’ll take a deeper look. Thanks!

Works without firewalls - but that seems a bad solution because my two computers would then lack security?

Of course just had to give ROON permission to go through the firewall and now it works. Thanks a lot!