My Nucleus is not importing files when I plug in my external hard drive into the USB port of the Nucleus

Roon Core Machine

My Roon Core is a Nucleus with 2 TB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Panoramic Wifi Gateway
Model: CGM4140COM

Netgear ProSafe gigabit switch GS108

Connected Audio Devices

WD Passport external hard drive 2 TB is plugged into USB port on Nucleus
ARCAM SA30 integrated amp

Both Nucleus and Arcam amp are connected to the network via ethernet cables into the Netgear switch.

I am able to stream Roon across the Arcam amp and play music from the WD Passport library and stream Qobuz

Number of Tracks in Library

There are no tracks stored in the nucleus yet but there are 5328 tracks on WD Passport drive

Description of Issue

My Nucleus is not importing files when I plug my external hard drive (a WD Passport) with my music files into it. My music files were ripped using dBpoweramp and ripped to FLAC on a windows 11 PC. When I open up my Roon app, I can see the Nucleus and passport under storage but the Nucleus isn’t importing those files into it.

Did you check in Settings/Storage to make sure the USB drive is added as a watched folder?

NTFS disk format on the external drive?

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OK, it looks like the USB is not set up as a shared folder. When I go into settings > storage > add folder I get this:

Shouldn’t my file explorer basically pop up here?

And then if I click on “add network share” I get this:


Then I’m in the weeds.

My Windows 11 pc doesn’t list the file addresses in windows explorer like the examples in the Help link.

To add the USB attached to the Nucleus it should show up as a USB drive in the first screen shot you showed. You show not have to “add network share” as it is directly attached to the Nucleus.
My flash drive shows up like this (It is only a back-up drive so is not added as a watched folder):

Did you try plugging the external drive directly into your windows machine and then running the chkdsk /f command and then plugging it back into your Nucleus? Like @Suedkiez suggested from the link they posted?

Also, just for clarity, do you have an internal storage disk in the Nucleus along with the OS drive? Or just the OS drive inside the Nucleus?

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And proper “remove safely” in between :slight_smile:

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I did do the chkdsk command. I think I’ve realized that my computer is not seeing my nucleus on my network. I don’t want my removable hard drive to be the source of my music files. I want the music files to go into my nucleus. I’d rather have my removable hard drive to be a backup and stay connected to my computer if that’s possible. In the start up directions it talks about plugging in your hard drive to the nucleus if you have one (so I did) but I don’t think that’s how I want to set it up. I’d rather my nucleus see my removable hard drive connected to my computer and then be able to pull in all my music files. My nucleus has 2TB of storage in it. I believe it is the OS drive inside the Nucleus.

I just noticed you said , “My Nucleus is not importing files when I plug my external hard drive (a WD Passport) with my music files into it.” This process does not happen automatically. You need to copy the files into the Nucleus manually using a file explorer on your PC. Or point Roon at the external drive as a watched folder.

Can you post a screen shot of the WebUI page for the Nucleus? I’m a little confused as to what you actually have for hardware. Is it an external USB 2TB drive and a Nucleus with OS drive and a second internal drive that is 2TB for storage?

The OS drive should be a smaller (60-120 GB drive) drive in the Nucleus. I would guess the 2TB (what you stated from your initial post as the core “My Roon Core is a Nucleus with 2 TB”) is a second drive in the Nucleus specifically for storage. Unless you are trying to say that the 2TB is the external USB drive???

It should look something like this:

There may be a section for internal storage like this (it may need to be formatted?):

Lets see what the WebUI thinks the Nucleus has and go from there.

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No, a Nucleus has an M.2 SSD used to hold the Roon OS and the Roon software. Music must not be stored on this, but can be stored on an additional 2.5" drive (SSD or HDD) installed in the Nucleus.

I think the main problem I am having is that my computer does not see my nucleus on my network. I formatted the nucleus and did the chkdsk but right now I’m just leaving my passport connected to my computer instead of directly to the nucleus. I’m not going to try to connect it directly to the nucleus any more.

So what, precisely, are you trying to do here? Copy the files from your WD Passport drive (which I assume is now connected to your Windows PC) to the Internal Music Storage (which seems now to be available judging from your tiny screenshot)?

If so, then follow one of the methods outlined here:

BTW, this is how you should include screenshots in your posts:

It appears that you do have an internal storage drive. I can’t tell what size it is due to the screen shot being so small, but you “should” be able to drag and drop your files into Roon to get the files onto your Nucleus as the KB @Geoff_Coupe linked shows. (or use one of the other methods shown)

If your Windows machine can’t “see” the Nucleus storage you may need to see the KB on that topic:

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