My Nucleus is not working with my massive Library, I'd like to trade up to Nucleus Plus

Roon Core Machine

Mac OS 12.6

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Luxor Router

Connected Audio Devices

I am running my system off of the Elan system.

Number of Tracks in Library

186,474 tracks

Description of Issue

My Nucleus is not working with my extensive library and never has since it was installed almost a year ago. The company that installed my system is J&S Audio in NJ thought It might have been the router or my HD. I have tested it and all indications point at my Nucleus not being able to handle my massive library.
I would like to trade my unit in for a Nucleus Plus, I believe that would handle my HD

I would sell the Nucleus on this site and purchase a Nucleus Plus from Roon.

Nucleus + would certainly deal with your collection but for the price involved it’s also worth looking at NUCs, more details can be found at:-

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Or you could always upgrade the RAM inside your Nucleus?
When you say it can’t handle your library what is happening exactly?
Slow loading of metadata, artwork and starting of songs etc…or?


While using my Nucleus it is constantly losing connectivity and goes off line, though after a short while it reconnects for another short while. Basically becomes unusable.

That sounds like network issues I’m afraid.
No amount of RAM or better processor is going to help that.
Can you describe in detail your network setup?

Or could be struggling if you are doing some heavy DSP Upsampling or similar.
Then the standard 4gb ram might benefit from an upgrade to 8 or 16gb.

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It could be memory if dealing with a machine with 4 or 8GB as the OS does not deal with Swap if I remember correctly what Danny previously said. When it runs out of memory (or the database run’s out of memory maybe) things tend to go badly

I would look to upgrade to 16GB as a starter. Though the basic Nucleus is not designed to deal with your size library, memory would certainly be helpful.

The basic Nucleus comes with 4Gb of memory. When that memory is used the Nucleus will crash. A restart fixes it but it will crash again. And again. More memory is a first step but a properly dimensioned machine would be the full and proper fix. A possible shortcut would be to restore a backup once the memory has been increased. That would avoid full analysis of 186,000 tracks. But you will still possibly have a sluggish underperforming system. However that would still be better than nothing. For the record, a collection that size might need additional memory in a Nucleus+ too.

I am not saying it will fix your issue, but, a library your size should be using 8 gb, imho.

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Just my take but does not sound like Roon or the Nucleus is actually crashing.
Undoubtedly extra RAM would help with that size library but I think there is something else going on network related.

And you might well be right, but only real way to find out is to try it with more memory.
If only 4GB, then that is not going to cut it.

When my Library hit 50K I needed to upgrade to 8GB to work well, so I went to 16GB just to allow plenty of growth. That would certainly be my starting point for next stage testing.

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Hi @Mike_Galesi,

Thank you so very much for your patience.

In enabling diagnostics, I saw a lot of errors related to storage locations. Then suddenly, the errors stop. Did you happen to change your settings under settings>storage or add memory? What is your current status?


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The only thing I
tried was to plug in HD directly into the Nucleus as opposed to the router it was originally in when it was set up. Doing this had little or no effect. I did upgrade to the Nucleus Plus with 32GB to see if that does the trick. I am still waiting to get the unit back to hook it up. Thanks for your help

I was just dealing with a similar case. The person in question had the Nucleus Plus and around 400k tracks. Same errors, same issues. Please let me know how things are going after the upgrade. I’ll get notified of your responses and will be happy to look at diagnostic logging again post-upgrade.


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