(My) Playlist : always returning to beginning

When I select a playlist from the My Playlist list , then check the selected playlist, and want to return to the My Playlist list I do not return to the selected playlist but always return to the beginning of the My Playlist list. And then I need to scroll down again to the selected playlist and proceed my checking. Enhancement request: I would like to return to where I came from, namely the selected playlist.


Same for if you’ve sorted the list - when you come back to it the sort is back to default.

Hi, any chance this is going to be solved in a next upgrade?

I agree, this is very annoying. The same is also true for Album lists. I often browse long lists of Albums, then look at the details of a specific Album in that list. When I then go back to the overall list Roon returns to the beginning of that list forcing me to scroll back to the point where I left off. Please fix this so that the return button gets you back to the same point in any list that was last shown. Thanks.


Since this issue has been reported almost a year ago, and the impact is still quite annoying, I would to like to change this request from ENHANCEMENT to BUG. And hope (read: expect) this to be solved in the next in between update of Roon. Instead of implementing another list of new features I would advise Roon first paying attention to these small issues that appear in the day-to-day usage of Roon. I assume there might be more.

New update version today but no bug fix for this topic. Hmmmmm.

Roon 1.6 still didn’t fix this issue. Can’t be that difficult. It still is very annoying.

Roon 1.7 still didn’t fix this issue. Can’t be that difficult. It still is very annoying

It must be a touch one to solve or simply not enough noise made about it. I too find it annoying but have come to terms with it after 2 years…

Much like browsing this and other forums based on the same software, Discourse. The back button always takes one to the top of the forum list, not back to where one just was.

i believe both are related to increasing support for touch devices, phone and tablets, that don’t have nor the concept of ‘back’.

Embrace change.

Roon is a great product - thank you all for the excellent job you are doing!

I have about 1600 playlists each containing groups of works by mostly classical composers broken down by conductor.

A small but annoying issue is that under the Playlist option, no matter how far down that list one is playing any individual playlist, as soon as one clicks back to the main list to make another choice, one is sent back to the beginning of the main list of playlists.

For a number of reasons I would prefer to click back to my previous position in the main list to select say another conductor of, for example, Brahms Symphonies.

Could this request be considered please?


This is still the most annoying issue. Can we get a responce?

Probably not. Roon does not respond one way or another regarding feature request.

Seems strange. I have a few playlists that are 150+ songs. I have to scroll and find my spot so much. I feel like it used to go back to where you were working before. Its not that big of a deal but seems like an easy fix.

Maybe post this as a bug in the Support forum.

Same thing happens when browsing albums. Pick something out of the R’s, decide that’s not what you were in the mood for, left arrow back and you’re alllllll the way back to the beginning of your albums. Fixing that has been a Feature Request numerous times over the years but has been ignored so far.

Not necessarily ignored, just not implemented. Roon does not respond to feature request. It will either happen or not.

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Add my voice, for what it is worth, to those who want to see the playlist return to the position where one was previously browsing, rather than the very beginning of the list.


It seems to be a function or limitation of the technology in use and not something that can be changed.

I would prefer all screens remain where I left them and only reset if I reset them.

I would not want this “bug” fixed. I like to start from the beginning. Or, if I’m feeling frisky, I shuffle the list and get a. completely new order. Have you tried that, OP?

If it’s an unchangeable feature, then why does the albums list go back to where one had started, rather than from the beginning?

As for the “return to the beginning of playlists” proponents, I think we should at least have a choice. If I am looking at the collection of albums by one group whose name begins with “Y”, then click a particular album, decide I want to hear a different album by that same group, and then click back, it is simply absurd that I always go back to the groups starting with “A”. So, yeah, it is a bug, and I do want it repaired. If we don’t go all the way back to the beginning automatically when browsing albums, then we should not be forced to do so when browsing playlists.