My Playlists in Tidal are missing [Solved]

My personal Playlists in Tidal are not available in Roon -> Tidal section. I hope it is me missing something, I sure like to have my Playlists back?



Hi @Frode_Michalsen – your TIDAL playlists should be available under the Playlists section of Roon.

Can you check there first? If they’re missing, just tell us a little more about your setup and Tidal account, as described here and we’ll figure this out.


Of course. Thank you very much, I was fiddling around in the Tidal section. Happy user is now Happy user +.


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I’m having the same problem. New Roon user, have playlists established in Tidal, but they aren’t showing up in Roon. I looked in Playlists, and all other tabs.

Roon 1.1
OSX 10.10.3
2015 MacBook Pro
Owned music stored in iTunes folder

Never mind…found them in Roon Playlists…I was looking in the Tidal section.