My Qobuz Artist List - alphabetical sorting order is not consistent

Is there a way to have my Qobuz artists appear in alphabetical order?

Thank you!

If we are looking in the same place (Roon Menu, Qobuz, My Qobuz, Favorite Artists section), mine are … where are you looking?

In Roon, I am going to Qobuz>>>My Qobuz>>>Favorite Artists. That is where I don’t see a way to sort them in alphabetical order.

Mine are not:

I tried altering the sort order in the Artists browser, in case it was inherited here, but no.

(Yes, I only have three favorite artists in Qobuz, I typically favorite albums, n9t artists.)


Actually, now that I posted the screenshot and look at it more closely, IT IS in alphabetical order, it’s just that it is strange the way Roon picks up the Artists’ name.

For example, I wouldn’t expect that Arch Enemy be filed under E and I wouldn’t expect that Mt. Fujitive be filed under F. This is not the way they are shown the Qobuz app or other streaming apps for that matter.

I just Qobuz favorited “Arch Enemy” and added one of their albums to my library.
They are indeed being sorted under “E” and not “A” as one might expect.

Selecting the artist in Roon, then editing via the three dots menu.
I can see this …

I then edited

However, this had no effect … :frowning:

I’m moving this over to #support and have tagged @support as I suspect this might be a bug.

Thank you @Carl

Hi @Ali_Shafai,

We currently have a ticket open with our team about this. I can’t provide any specific timelines here just yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated here.



Thank you, @dylan and @Carl. :pray:t4:

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