My remote control cannot Connect to Roon Core

I recently used Roon having purchased a Rockna Wavedream net (+Wavelight DAC) server.

I opened an account in my name (for the moment on trial) and I began to get to know the system.

I have one difficulty: in the setup the first item “find roon core OS” when activated remains in search without being able to find anything. can you help me to solve my problems with roon?

Thank you in

Did you set up any kind of computer as a Roon Core?

I set Rockna ad roon core

I see. Then you should see something like this (from the Rockna manual) and you should click Connect, not “configure Roon OS devices”, as far as the manual says:

Can you post a screenshot of what you see instead?

I did it. the System works perfectly but in the setup mask when i click on “find roon Os” the system try to find roon Os core but without any results

“Find Roon OS” is not the same thing as “Choose your Core”

It is referring to the Roon Operating System (Roon OS) and that is only present on the Nucleus devices or an Intel NUC that has ROCK installed on it.

Thanks for your post. So is it normal that I observed? My system includes iMac as remote control and the rockna wvedream net as server connected to the dac. No more device, no nucleus, no rock

Yes, it is. If you don’t have a device in your network that is running the Roon OS, then clearly the “Find Roon OS” function in Roon (in Settings > Setup) won’t find one…

Thanks a lot for your support

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