My roon cant find any AUDİO DEVİCES after upgrading to new version

Today I recognized that all my audio-devices disappeared.
I can see them in the overview (Settings->About) and they are displayed with the correct version (1.8 build 814) and have an IP from the same subnet.
But under (Settings->Audio) none of them is displayed. And on the bottom of the app appears the notice “No audio devices found”.

It seems that there is a problem with the new database from roon itself.

Could you please help me to fix this item?

I am using labtop with windows 10

We made several trials on uploading the new version by turning the roon to old didnt help.

Thank you
Mehmet Caglayan

Try some firewall settings

Roon also doesnt recommend using a wifi connection for a CORE setup

Roon is on build 898 right now

First thing I would try is to update Roon to the latest build.

I also removed your email address from your post as not good policy.

(Thank you to @xxx for pointing that out to my old eyes!)

Everything has been stopped after this latest update, before the upgrade everything was working perfectly.

Can you provide some details on the endpoints and how they are connected to the network?

Did you try turning the windo s firewall off as a test to see if th audio devices appear?

Maybe too busy playing music now :wink:

Hi Bernd,

In my system Hifi connection has been done by modem and wifi , every unit operates under the same modem. Nas modem and Roon ready dac trilogy are connected to each other by wire , my Windows 10 based labtop connects to dedicated system as wireless.
Nas has also Roon pogram in the memory.
Until to this new upgrade everything was working in order without problem. When system loads new upgrede suddenly screen sudenly my pc screen turned to White showing ( there is a issue ……) this problem always happens every after upgrading. I made several remedy methods like turning the pogram Roon name to old and reload it eveyrthing in the beginning looks ok but pogram cannot find the connected devices under the Audio section .
This is the third interraption since I remember in feb 2021 and 2022 and takes nearly 15 days to fix it by Roon technicians.


My case is not firewall problem. Pls see details of the system below

If I get you right all devices are on the same private subnet, like ? That would be good.
Have you already restarted every device involved? So router (modem), WiFi access point, NAS, DAC, basically everything that in some form is part of the network.

Have you checked drivers ?

I assume your Windows is auto updating ?

Windows has a habit of overwriting the video driver which is important to Roon.

Try going to Device Manger and identifying your video card then go to the manufacturer site and download the current driver.

The “white screen” is worrying ?

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