My Roon is now Russian, cannot revert to English

My Roon remote now appearing in Russian, and I cannot revert it back to English !!!


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Despite the fact that you might not be able to read anything, the language selector is at the same place as ever. :sweat_smile:

Open the main menu, go to settings (hint: cog-wheels), scroll to the bottom if you need to and select the desired language. Don’t forget to click on the blue button to restart Roon.

I remember my work colleague doing this with a Nokia mobile years ago, it was all Greek, we had to google the key taps to revert. Difference is, he thanked me for helping, so well done.

Thank you BlackJack, I had access to drop down window to choose English, however, when I did there was no change. I tapped English several times and no change… finally I shut off my iPad remote turned it back on in an hour or so and voila’ magically returned to English. It almost resembled a hack when Russian first appeared as there were some conspicuous blinking on and off of certain graphics. Now however the system appears stable. Thank you to you and Alex_Wood for courteous and prompt reply

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