My Roon Nucleus does not monitor my iMac anymore for music incl. my iTunes library

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Nucleus

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


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Bluesound Vault 2 / Melco N1A

Description Of Issue

My Roon Nucleus monitors the Bluesound and the Melco for music but not any longer my iMac including my iTunes library. My ROON music library is therefore not showing most of my music files that are stored on the hard drive of my iMac. The issue started once I upgraded the OS system of the iMac to Catalina.
I appreciate your help with this. Thx.


I forgot to mention that when I try to setup a new share or folder for Roon to monitor the same error message (unexpected error) pops up.

Hi Bor,

Can you post a screenshot of your Settings > Storage?

Avoid trying to create a new storage share for now.

Also, check out the bottom “Please Note” section of this kB Article.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg. I followed the instructions in the kB article before reaching out for help as the same error message popped up.

Is the Buffalo Blue still connected directly to the Nucleus? I see it’s not seen anymore either.

Did you uncheck the File Sharing folder and then check it again on the iMac Sharing preferences as per the instructions?

Have you rebooted the Nucleus as well as the iMac again?


First, let’s focus on the Bufffalo Blue drive — Is it still connected to the Nucleus? Is it externally powered or USB powered? If you connect it to a different device does it show up okay on that device?

Hi Dylan,

I reconnected the Buffalo drive to the Nucleus and is seen by the Nucleus. I also connected the Melco to the network and the Nucleus sees the device as well.

I only used the Buffalo drive to save my files when I transitioned from my iMac as the Roon core to the Nucleus.


Can you elaborate on this? Are there music files on here that you’re trying to transfer to the Nucleus? Are you planning on using this long-term?

It looks like the other share is now working — Is everything showing properly now or are you still seeing issues?

Hi Dylan,

I just followed the instructions giving by Roon to make the Roon Nucleus my new Roon Core instead of the iMac. As I kept the Buffalo drive now connected to the Roon Nucleus I see now all my iTunes files in the Roon library. However if I purchase new music through iTunes on my iMac the Roon Nucleus will not see the new music files. In other words my Nucleus Roon is not scanning the hard drive of my iMac for any new music even tough it is connected to the same network.



What is the path to the iTunes library on the Mac? Is it one of these?


Or something else?

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